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Inka Park
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28 Sep 2021
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Hope Cities Holding, Inka Park, Tayrona Capital Financial Group
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    Today, and after joining mutual experiences, visions, values and common challenges for the future, we have the great pleasure to announce to our strategic partners, allies, clients, local communities, economic groups, investors, media, families and current and future fans around our INKA PARK project, that INKA PARK & TAYRONA CAPITAL FINANCIAL GROUP have joined economical, logistic, infrastructure, know how and financial forces to officially start the construction of this amazing project and make it a reality.

    Our values, the spirit of transforming the lives of thousands of people and the capabilities and scope of the parties, will be able to return to our clients and future associates, the experience and quality expected around what will be the most important theme park in Latin America, INKA PARK, together with its social model, real estate, technological development, education, agriculture, experiences and much more.

    We celebrate and appreciate this great joint venture. We know that our future millions of annual visitors, and our global community, will have the best benefits and services with our current decision.

    Thanks to Eddie Vervoort for fighting and carrying out this important dream in favor of Latin America and the world, and thanks to James Ordonez for his experience, for recognizing, joining advantages and believing in this joint dream that has been building for a couple of years, and that today is strengthened with this union.

    Our structuring, development and negotiation group made up of Inka Park, Tayrona Capital Financial Group and Hope Cities Holding will continue to announce the next steps and strategies to follow in the coming days, in favor of different industries and different cultures.

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    Rooted in Inka stories, Inka Park will invite you into an amazing world that will immerse you in Inka culture and myths as you never have before. With a total surface of 500 ha, it promises days of fun for the entire family. Inka Park will arise in the district of Jequetepeque in Paycasmayo Province of the La Libertad Region in Peru. The primarily agricultural region of Northern-Peru will form the perfect backdrop for Inka Park and its story. Located near the Pan-American Highway 1, the area is easily and sustainably accessible for all visitors. Ancient Inka history has shaped Peru. The country’s beautiful architecture, their cuisine and their cultural characteristics are all modern-day testaments to the days of the Inka empire. The past informs the present and shapes the future. That is why we celebrate Inka history at Inka Park.

    At the edge of the jungle, built over a great river, is a small settlement known as Adventure Town. Once a sleepy village, the rumors of the nearby lost city of Paititi has drawn many adventurers and archeologists to it, transforming the town into a bustling community. Also known as The Last Stop Before Adventure, Adventure Town is the perfect place to stock up before braving the dangers of the jungle. The river makes it a hub for shops, some run by locals, others by retired adventurers, and the adjacent small ruins offer a small taste of what’s to come.

    Once you’re all set, leave the safety of Adventure Town and head out on Expedition Paititi. An uneven set of paths leads you to a jungle basecamp, haphazardly raised after the discovery of major ruins nearby. Here, you can help archaeologists from around the world explore the ruins and help them unearth treasure and important historical data. Try to avoid the well-funded rival team, who will sabotage you or even use brute force to get to Paititi before you can! Besides the well-traveled ruins next to the base camp, there is a recently discovered ruin deeper into the jungle that no one has entered yet. Will you be the first to discover its secrets?

    Nestled in the cradle of the Amaru River Valley, as you emerge from the depths of the jungle, stands a charming Inka village. The people here live off their farms and are kind and welcoming to strangers, inviting you to listen to their stories, listen to their music, or watch them work. One of the stories you will hear, is that of Sayri. Sayri lives in the Amaru River Valley and is the hero who saved this village from the threatening flood. But the only signs of that in the colorful green valley are the strong pull of the river and the collapsed passage that helped Sayri save the day.

    Hidden deep in the jungle lies the Spirit grove – a sanctuary where spirits have created a fantastic, imaginary world that only those who are in touch with their dreams can enter. Everything here is larger than life: plants grow bigger, animals become more human – even the colors seem brighter. In order to protect themselves from those who would do them harm, some of the younger spirits created a special place that only allowed those who weren’t afraid to let their imagination run wild could enter. Artists, poets, and children are welcome to visit: it is said that the Inka’s penchant for using bright colors was inspired by witnessing the colorful spectacle of this magical place.

    Follow Sayri on his journey to save his village through this misty jungle filled with mystery and excitement. Flanked by barren mountain trails, this forest is home to powerful Shamans, ruins of civilizations older than the Inka Empire, and a shrine that towers over the landscape. Beware the corrupt noble, who has taken refuge in this forest, haunted by the spirits of the land he angered. And, if you want to pass, pay your respects to the mighty condor in his shrine to obtain the blessings of Heaven and Earth.

    If you manage to survive the trek through Cloud Forest, you are greeted by the gorgeous City of the Sun: the great, sprawling capital of the Inka Empire. Catch your breath in the many restaurants or the marketplace, where citizens and travelers alike trade animals, fabrics, food and drinks, jewelry, medicine, and a variety of tools. Gaze in awe at the colorful buildings, impressive temples, and tiered terraces that surround the town square. If you follow its advanced aqueduct system, you’ll come across a dock where you can travel by boat to the palace grounds to meet with the Emperor himself…

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    Inka Park

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