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06 Dec 2016
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on hold
19 ha
  1. I don't know if this project was on hold, but IMG boss has said in this project.

    Our numbers have been healthy; hence we’re looking at a second phase adjacent to this - IMG World of Legends - slightly larger than the existing park. We don’t have an exact opening date yet.

  2. uaeprojects is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    Aug 2016
    I know the owners of this place, the rumors will stay rumors . This place will be improved and the expansion will happen

  3. Is it a personal asumption, or you have any internal insight?

  4. Given the low visitation numbers of IMG Worlds of Adventure, this one is being quietly shelved...

  5. Emarat is offline Park Investigator
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    The IMG parking lot today:

  6. MrFacipieri is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    I'm pretty sure it will rise in the parking lot

  7. Just look at the image underneath your post. IMG Worlds of Adventure IS a part of IMG Worlds of Legends. Looks to be that the car park is taken up by CN (Cartoon Network)

  8. Where exactly will IMG Worlds of Legends rise? Above or next to the parking lot serving IMG Worlds of Adventure?

  9. Falcon Tree designed the Worlds of Adventure park, any idea which design firm is creating this? I didn't read anything on Falcon Tree House.

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