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Local Name:
آي إم جي عالم من الأساطير
06 Dec 2016
Construction Start:
on hold
19 ha
  1. Spooder_Man is offline Park Investigator
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    Mar 2021
    There is no progress on the site.
    The admin on Instagram ignores the comments and DMs (leaves you on seen) so I don't think it will ever get built and open. It is now part of the abandoned Dubai theme park squad.

  2. MouseEars is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    Mar 2020

    Good aerial drone footage of the original IMG site showing no movement on any of the surrounding land.

  3. I think that they wouldn’t start construction until IMG Worlds of Adventure turns a profit and people start coming back in so it’s going to be a long time

  4. So is it cancelled? If it is then it’s just plain sad... I asked one of my relatives who works there how is the traffic of people coming in... he said it’s still sufficient even after Corona...hopefully they start it again...

  5. Lucid_Tornado is offline Senior Park Investigator
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    Oct 2020
    To my understanding, I think they have cancelled it because I haven't seen any news about the theme park. Who knows, they might have halted construction, just like 20th Century Fox World Dubai.

  6. Friends of mine have worked at IMG Worlds of Adventure. They told me that on a usual working day, even prior to all this coronavirus mess, the number of employees regularly exceeded the number of visitors. Chances that the second park will turn into reality on that empty parking lot (take a close look at the satellite pic) are absolutely zero.

  7. BirdsEye is offline Park Investigator
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    Apr 2020
    Q1 2020 aerial imagery:

  8. Any update on this park? It's been a year. Is it happening or not? Personally, I think it's not happening.

  9. Michael is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    Mar 2016
    Here in Dubai, IMG Worlds has its sights set on its second park, set to open sometime around 2020.

    IMG World of Legends is expected to exceed two million square feet in size, a third bigger than the 450,000-square-metre IMG Worlds of Adventures, already the world’s largest indoor theme park.

    The new property, which will be linked via a sky bridge to IMG World’s original park, is also expected to feature a retractable roof.

    “We’d still like to open in 2020,” said Otto, adding that he did not want to reveal any specifics about the cost of the project until the company was sure. “We’re still in the design phase, and that’ll hopefully be done by the end of year. We’ve been working behind the scenes on that,” he said.

    Schedules, timelines, costs and plans for financing would be released at the same time, once the design phase was completed, Otto added.

  10. Last month when someone on twitter asked if the park was still happening, this was their response:

    'Yes of course! We will be providing more info when we have any further updates on this '

    The park isn't in limbo, its going to happen, its just in its design phase.

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