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  1. New Horror maze attraction at IMG announced - The Haunted Hotel

  2. The picture looks like it is just outside the offices because of the Spiderman model in the background, probably the project office outside of the actual theme park. That's my guess anyway.

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    So I have been trying to find more images but as usual its mainly the stock images and brand stuff, nothing new since those last ones came out.

    But I did find this and it is confusing me!

    So this guy has every reason to be genuine, he does dance shows and looks like he has been in dubai working and potentially with links to theme parks and he has this photo. Now it's got a lot of filters on it so its hard to tell if it's faked or not (but why would you fake that picture?) and I have no idea where that theming could be with the "sky" above it unless the "sky" isnt really sky but the light makes me feel like it is.

    Anyone have any ideas?


  4. Who cares if they serve alcohol in one restaurant? It's not like a bar or club. It's delightful to have a glass of wine to your food.

  5. I don't get why people feel they need alcohol or even want it in the parks. First off we are in a Muslim country so really this should not even be an asked question. Second of all if you want to drink stay home or go to a bar not a theme park. The whole point of this theme park is family fun. Key word family and family and alcohol do not go hand and hand.

  6. Bob
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    Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi serve alcohol in one of their restaurants.

  7. It's a family destination, so definitely no. However, Dubai Parks and Resorts have signed a lease contract with Irish Village, so there would most probably be a place where they serve alcohol at River land. I'm definitely sure there won't be alcohol, served at any theme park in Dubai because the only place you would find alcohol is in bars or hotels.

  8. Will they serve alcohol inside the park?

  9. It's nothing but too much overconfidence, at least you should wait to get the park open before you give such statements, they might have forgotten that there are 3-4 theme parks are opening in June before the IMG theme park. Size and money sometimes don't matter Mr Mohammed Adnan.

  10. Wow. These IMG guys are nuts. Take a look at this statement:

    A $1 billion Dubai indoor theme park built by a local family conglomerate will break even in its first year of operation, the company said on Sunday, dismissing concerns that the city is headed for a glut of entertainment attractions.
    “We expect to break even in year one,” said Mohamed Adnaan, IMG Group chief financial officer. “We see a lot of efficiencies in the way we designed this park from a costing standpoint, that’s the reason we think we’ll make money in year one.”
    Hilarious. Remember the name: Mohamed Adnaan.

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