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  1. Does anyone know where the road or if it's open to img?

  2. Any last updates? Officially they said all rides, stores and resturants will be open. The only thing that's not finished yet is the Novo Movie Theater. The hours for the first few months will be 12pm to 8pm.

  3. I trust this premature opening is going to be a disaster. Anyone attending, please post as many pictures as possible here!

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    So a big interview with some great nods to what they are looking to do in the future but still no new images of anything actually in the park.

    “We are the first in this new entertainment space so we are creating the first real mega-entertainment offering in Dubai. That will drive tourism. We have a third of the world’s population in a four-hour flight radius so we can capitalise on that. Today, the United Arab Emirates has 120,000 hotel rooms and that will grow to 220,000 by 2020. The airlines and airports are also growing.”
    Are you talking to specific hotel groups or is it something you will do yourself?
    “We will probably do it ourselves and bring in a themed hotel experience to complement the park. People want that themed experience to continue all the way through their stay. That’s what made Disney so successful. LEGO is now doing it too. And we definitely want to do something similar.”
    And what can we expect in August – will there be some sort of grand opening ceremony festival or concert?
    “Given the brands that we have and the partners we have, you can expect quite a unique red carpet event. I can’t say anymore than that at this stage.”
    Where might the next park be then?
    “We are looking at the MENA region very actively, as there are so many rapidly growing cities and countries there with the middle class growing even faster. South East Asia is also another interesting market we are looking at. In due course, we will be rolling out some exciting things.”

  5. I was watching tv and I saw IMG commercials.

  6. So they will blame the delay on 'regulatory approvals'?

  7. Yesterday, they were asking img questions and one of the questions were: If they are confident to open on August 15th.

    here's the answer

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    So it looks like tickets are finally on sale

    However when I just tried to book tickets I get this page...

    Source of ticket post:

  9. According to their social media all rides will be open on August 15/Opening day

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