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  1. recent documentation issued would suggest a test and adjust period Q4/2013 - bring on the KoolAid dudes !!
    Impossible to build and open this in less than a year!

  2. recent documentation issued would suggest a test and adjust period Q4/2013 - bring on the KoolAid dudes !!

  3. is there any new pics?

  4. This is the same park, right? I am a bit confused here!

  5. Recent photos of the site:

    I can see bulldozers:

  6. Falcon's Treehouse team:

    ...and artwork for a "Lost Valley" attraction, probably part of the Restless Planet part of the IMG theme park:

  7. Falcon's Treehouse has artwork for a 'Marvel City Theme Park' on its official site. The location isn't disclosed so that's probably work for the IMG theme park:

  8. The Orlando-based company Falcon’s Treehouse, specializing in the creation of entertainment destinations and adventurous experiences, has been selected by the promoter Ilyas & Mustafa Galadari Group (IMG Group) to offer themed entertainment design solutions for the upcoming IMG Theme Park.

    Currently under construction in Dubai, UAE at the heart of the future City of Arabia (part of Dubailand), this indoor leisure complex will include several attractions including MARVEL Adventure, a family entertainment center inspired by the stories of Marvel superhero.

    Falcon's Treehouse will provide its expertise in the field of storytelling and entertainment design - including media and audio production - to develop the themes of the complex. This will include Marvel universe but also other intellectual properties whose IMG Group has not yet revealed the names. The company also develops a dinosaur theme created exclusively for IMG Theme Park.

    “Falcon’s Treehouse’s record speaks for itself. They have the expertise and desire for quality and we are very excited to have them on the IMG team,” said a key IMG representative.

    “With fantastic realms, new attractions and great IPs, it is both a privilege and honor to play such an integral role in this project,” says Cecil D. Magpuri, President/Chief Creative Officer of Falcon’s Treehouse.

  9. The developer of City of Arabia, Ilyas and Mustafa Galadari Group (IMG), has obtained the support of two banking institutions in the Middle East to finance an indoor amusement park of about 27,5 acres / 11 hectares which opening is scheduled in late 2013 in South Dubai, UAE.
    The IMG Theme Park - which is the name currently used for the project - should accommodate innovative rides and one of the region's largest roller coasters. In this regard, the German manufacturer Mack Rides has already confirmed during the last IAAPA Asian Attractions Expo that one of their Launch Coasters (similar to Blue Fire at Europa-Park) has been ordered. IMG also announced it has signed several licensing agreements with international companies for the use of their concepts and characters, without any specific details so far.

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