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  1. Well done to all the guys that keep posting construction photos of the site
    keep up the good work .

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    IMG Group's Worlds of Adventure is set to open in early 2014, vice president – marketing, Adam Alexander Page, told Hotelier Middle East.
    (...) will consist of four zones – the Marvel Universe, the Cartoon Network zone, the Lost Valley zone, and the IMG entertainment zone, as well as a 12-screen cinema, and external F&B and retail areas.
    “Work is happening on two fronts. The on-site construction works have been moved forward significantly with structural columns and space frames being installed.

    "Thereafter the offsite ride manufacturing of various vendor sites is currently being done simultaneously with shipment planned in the later part of this year. So rides, the themes, the attractions and different pieces that make up the park are in different parts of the world being made and finalised,” he said.
    The first phase of the theme park will be in excess of 1.5m sq ft, making it the largest indoor entertainment destination in the world. The park is designed to attract in excess of 20,000 visitors per day and ticket prices will be in line with other attractions.

  3. From me and my wife thank you for effort by posters keeping us informed regarding IMG constuction on site photos looking forward to the next lot of photos.

  4. Hello there gents agree with the other posts on here for new construction photos of IMG ,
    Hopefully Somone will get time to take some photos and agree thank you for you taking out time to take photos for the forum.

  5. Yes would love some new pictures of the site ,
    Thanks for to all the guys that keep us updated on IMG
    A thanks from all if us from the UK.

  6. That would be great if Somone could post new construction photos I hear the roof is up now.

  7. Can anyone get some new site photos? I hear the space frame ceiling roof is starting to go up.

  8. I don't think $150 million is the correct budget for this park!

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