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  1. Turbohahn is offline Park Investigator
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    Jun 2012
    Got some pictures from the site today at 2pm. No construction workers in the Photos because of the 12-3pm work ban.

  2. That part of the desert has as much chance of becoming a theme park as it has being hit by a meteor. Written by an insider.

  3. New pictures coming in the next couple of days!

  4. Nutnon

    Most guys from this forum Live in the UK and USA
    So it is not possible to take photos Because we don't live in dubai.

    To the guys who live in dubai thank you for keeping us updated.
    There are about 98 investors who have invested in city of arabia from the UK and this site is like a life life line to us . IMG theme park is the key once that is built so will the property's in city if arabia.

    That's why to see photos of IMG constuction site gives us all hope from the USA and the UK that one day we will see city of arabia built one day.

  5. nutnon is offline Newbie
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    Jun 2013
    Here is how to take great pictures of the IMG themepark. Drive Emirates Road direction Arabian Ranches to Silicon Oasis and stop your car (NEXT to the road, not on it!!) exactly at the spot marked on the screenshot. Walk up the little desert hill and off you go... great pics too take there!!

  6. Gents any new pics for IMG please.

  7. Any changes to the constuction site for Img guys waiting for new photos ,I no you guys are busy in dubai but if one of you do pass the site could you just take some snaps of the site like the rest on here would love to see new photos thank you for you time .

  8. Like the other posts on here would like to see new construction photos if someone ones got time to take them .

  9. Yes yes any new updates would be fantastic would love to no if the roof is up .

  10. Hi to everyone is it possible some one who lives in Dubai could post any new construction photos on IMG please.

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