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  1. To the guys in dubai thanks for keeping us informed on progress has it happiness with construction photos .

  2. Thanks for the photos for the site construction ,seems they have quite way to go for opening in 1st quarter next year seems more like late next year the way there going.

  3. Great pic thank you for the update

  4. Compare the pictures on this page below with the ones taken in April:
    ...and you can see that the theme park regresses. It's moving backwards.

  5. Turbohahn

    From all the investors from the UK and the USA who have invested in city of arabia thanks for the pics on the park .

  6. indeed, thanks! Just a shame there isn't more vertical construction. All in good time i hope.....

  7. When is this park supposed to open again? Cause at this rate, I'm thinking 2 years

  8. Sort of looks like they have taken stuff apart again, rather then building, doesn't it?

  9. Wow what a great update thanks very much .

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