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  1. Am sure wadi walk and the towers will be built when they have IMG theme park up and running it will attract interest in the city of arabia property's which people would like to buy as investments close to the theme park .

    The indoor theme park is the golden key to unlock the potential of city of arabia .

  2. so do you think wadi walk will ever be built ?? or is it going to be cancel as well .

  3. Now that the hard part is complete, we should be seeing good progress. Good job!

  4. I know this park isn't worth 150million I heard from an insider that it will cost over a billion USD to construct this park.

  5. Now the roof is up they need to move up a gear to get it done by 1/2 ,2014.
    Thank for keeping us updated.

  6. A very big thank you from the investors from the UK for the construction photo.

  7. Nice to see the roof is up.

  8. Great thanks for pic ,thank god the roof is up.

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    Roof is up!

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