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    Ilyas & Mustafa Galadari (IMG) Group said that it had completed the giant dome shaped steel roof skeleton for IMG Worlds of Adventure, a 1.5 million square foot theme park featuring rides based around Marvel comic heroes and Cartoon Network characters located in Dubailand.
    The erection of the so-called space frame marks a key stage in the construction of the delayed theme park, which is now scheduled to open early next year. IMG also added that the theme park’s rides were being manufactured off site and shipments of completed rides were expected to arrive in the later part of this year.
    The park, which the company describes as the “largest temperature-controlled indoor entertainment destination in the world” will have a capacity to accommodate 20,000 people and is hoping to attract more than 10,000 visitors per day.
    Rides will include an electromagnetic super fast roller-coaster which travels outside the building and includes more twists and turns than the one in Abu Dhabi’s Ferrari World.

  2. Recent press release:

    1. Investment entailed by the park.
    IMGWOA is largely funded by the promoters, Ilyas Galadari and Mustafa
    Galadari, IMG’s Executive Co-Chairmen, with some strategic financial
    investment from two local banks, Al Hilal Bank and Mashreq Banks.

    2. Percentage completion of the project?
    The work is progressing on two fronts; the Onsite construction and the
    off-site ride manufacturing.
    Onsite construction works is progressing significantly with structural
    columns and space frame being installed. In the coming ten weeks,
    significant portion of the steel structure enclosing the entire facility
    will be completed.

    Off-site ride manufacturing, at various vendor sites, is currently being
    done simultaneously for shipment planned in the later part of this year.

  3. From the all of us guys from the UK thanks for the pics.

  4. Thank you for your time for taking the photos of the site.

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    Update from Today

  6. If you can, snap some shots of the recent addition.

  7. Passed by the theme park today, the roof has grown bigger, so it looks like they are building off site and just bringing it back and bolting it on, because there was nothing there yesterday.

  8. As I was passing by future IMG theme park site today .... There was very little activity happening. Yes, the roof ( more like truss stage structure ) is up but it looks nothing like a theme park and definitely not opening for next couple of years. This is so typical for Dubai...announcing projects which will maybe happen in next 10 years. On the other site blue water island, the home of new Dubai Mega Wheel is growing extremely fast so this is going to happen soon. Fingers cross!

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