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  1. Sorry for the bad images.....

  2. Also back on the drawing board is Lost Valley, which will create a prehistoric landscape with huge semi-mobile dinosaurs.

    Even in its more ''reduced, more realistic'' post-crisis version, developers promised it will remain a unique destination in the region.

  3. A update would great .

  4. Yes yes updates please .

  5. Agree with the rest off the posts would live to see new pics off the site.

  6. Yep some new photos would be excellent from the people who live in dubai.

  7. Just had a look at google satellite maps the structure seems to be 3 times bigger then before.

    Some photos would be great guys.

  8. Hello there gents would be great if we could have new pics of the theme park construction site .
    If any off you guys who live in dubai and have some spare time could you take some pics please .

  9. This represents, according to their artist rendering, only about 1/3 of the building structure. Have they started erecting the rest of the space-frame or any other structure since these photos from a month ago?

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