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  1. All I know is that the roof of IMG is getting closed up.

  2. einekleineemail is offline themeparX Legend
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    Jul 2014
    Any photos? Any news?

  3. The official Facebook page hasn't been updated since April. Work is looking so sloooow, there must be a big delay in this project. Impossible to open by year-end.

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    Jul 2014
    thanks a lot
    ummm, i can see only desert and sand and nothing else.
    galadari group can not end this project before 1000% sure

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    New pictures:

  6. Yesterday evening on the French TV (M6) there was a show called Les Jackpots de L'été in wich they followed the Mack Family and they also visited the Mack factory in where the new trains for this new parc can be found. The indoor coaster will be a Mack spinning!

  7. It never said anything about 2016.

  8. What's MEP?

  9. Common sense prevails - this is an empty shell at present so 20 months minimum away from opening. MEP for that size of dome 12 months (not started) , theming (not started) , Fitout , Ride testing and commissioning.....F&B...etc

    A similar sized park outdoors with "kit" rides recently overran and took 20+ months

  10. From the look of it, I would say mid/end of 2015. There is no themeing whatsoever inside as we can see on the pics. The roof is not installed completely, nor are the walls. Absolutely no landscaping. OK, we can see some coaster tracks, but that's it. I really can't figure out how they can be ready in less than 6 months, including staff training and ride testing.

    They can say whatever they want in past media articles, it would not be the first time they delay the thing. I'd really like to get an insider update NOW. For a park due to open by the end of the year, I find the communication / buzz pretty low-key.

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