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    IMG Worlds Of Adventure opening day

    I was lucky enough to attend opening day at IMG worlds of adventure.

    This review is quite wordy so you might want to skip to the photos at the end.

    I was working there so didn't get to ride all the rides but did ride the three rollercoasters and managed to see most of the park. Therefore this review will mostly be about the rollercoasters and the general park. I will be returning to the park soon in order to ride the other rides and will post that review soon as I can.

    First impressions when you enter a quite impressive. As you enter the Q area to get entry to the park on the right is the soon to be opened multiplex cinema. Once you enter through the turnstiles you are straight into IMG Boulevard. This area has several restaurants and shops and is also home to the haunted hotel attraction.

    First impressions here are that it does look somewhat dark as you enter however once your eyes get accustomed to the light it actually looks fabulous. The seeming on this area is amazing and it includes the main IMG shop, coffee shops and full service restaurants.

    Moving towards the bottom of IMG Boulevard on the left there is an entrance to the Cartoon Network zone and the haunted hotel. Again the theme in on the outside of the haunted hotel is unbelievable and there is great attention to detail. There is a bell boy outside beckoning people to enter. The make up and acting of this person was amazing. I can't wait to see inside.

    If you take the path to the left just before the haunted hotel you like to the Cartoon Network zone. Again the theming is amazing and they have done a nice job of blending one zone into another.

    In the cartoon network again features many restaurants and shops and quite a few rides. The only ride I went on here was adventure time the ride of ooo. This is a suspended monorail which goes out around the park and also features some nice dark ride sections. The right system is made by IE Park and provides a nice smooth ride. The dark right sections are based on the cartoon and it is a great way to get a view over the cartoon network zone.

    A special mention has to be made for the queue line which goes up inside A tree house from the cartoon.
    Also in this area is a Ben 10 5D ride, are gumball dark ride and a climbing ropes course. This is also home to the power puff girls ride. The area also features roaming characters and shows.

    The next area is the last Valley. Again as you walk into this area it does initially feel a little dark however once you enter The feeling is absolutely stunning this area is home to 2 of the three rollercoasters.

    Predator is a heavily themed gerstlaur Eurofighter. It features a beyond vertical drop and several inversions all amongst the highly themed dinosaur area. Also in this area is forbidden territory A large-scale dark ride that was not operating when I was there. The adventure Fortress is an amazing kids play area and the dino carousel is a very unique carousel.

    The velociraptor is the other rollercoaster here. This is a blue fire clone that launches you out of the building into several inversions outside. I have not ridden blue fire however this is a truly great ride. There is a small dark ride section inside before you are launched out of the building. The only thing I would say about this ride is that the entrance is quite hard to find. Around the back of the other rides.

    This whole area is dotted with animatronic dinosaurs and fantastic themeing.

    The final zone is marvel zone. This has several rides including the hulk 3D experience, an avengers dark ride and the Spider-Man spinning coaster.

    Again the theming of this land is stunning. The whole area is like walking into the marvel universe. The Spider-Man coaster is a really good spinner. It sends you out over the park then inside for a nicely themed inside run. It's a very good ride and is one of the best in the park.

    This area has some amazingly well themed restaurants. Including Tony's sky deck a steak and seafood fine dining restaurant.

    Overall I can say this is the best indoor theme park I have ever been to anywhere in the world. And certainly the biggest!
    Videos and photos don't do it justice. The sheer scale is unbelievable.
    All the staff are extremely helpful and friendly.

    Here some photos.


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    Another video from yesterdays opening. This one has the lazytown theatre in there too which I hadn't seen before and some more close up shots of theming.

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    So all the images I have seen are of the front entrance looking empty and the inside looking a little empty also. Did anyone attend and actually get any idea of how busy they were?


  4. Some more views from inside when His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum visited IMG:

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    Great video of a blogger visited IMG, a lot of details and he showed all the rides

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    I am so hopeful for tomorrow. If anyone is attending then please take lots of photos and share.

    Hey, #AdventureTime fans! Look who's waiting for you at #IMGworlds! 1 more sleep


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    But while park facilities within the dome looked set for the launch, work including some landscaping and service road construction remains incomplete. However, Otto says this will not prevent the gates from opening to the general public on August 31.
    I find it hard to believe that they would postpone opening for something they are now claiming is minor but hopefully them hitting the new opening date is the truth.

    When asked if he expected the outstanding work to cause any more delays to the opening of the park, which can host 30,000 visitors a day, Otto said: “Absolutely not.”

    “We are all ready to go,” he said on Sunday. “All the attractions are running. All the restaurants are in operation. All the retail stores are done and the merchandise is going onto the counters. We are doing the final training over the next ten days, doing the last bit of cleaning, beautification, adding some more landscaping to the car park, but other than that, the park is good to go whenever we want to.

    “The road itself is finished to get into the car park and the only thing left for us is the service roads which is not critical to park opening and then adding the landscaping to the front, which will happen in the next ten days and maybe even the next month after that to make it as beautiful as possible.
    “You have got one chance to open the park and we wanted that experience to be perfect because the expectation is very high, the market is very competitive and we want the day of opening to put us on the global map as a theme park operator.”

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