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  1. The big problem is I think road access.
    There is still no sign of any work on the E311 to improve the current very sub-standard access.
    And of course the car park. It seems from outside that work is underway on the car park but hard to tell.
    In any case it is not sensible to open without these.
    Contrast this with Dubai Parks where very extensive road works are already underway for a huge interchange on the E11 for access.

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    Someone I know who is currently working on IMG still doesn't know the opening date. They have been told that they will "know soon" but they have been working there a couple of months in a management position with still no idea of when they will open.
    That worries me. It is very different to keep it from your staff than just being secretive about it in public, on social media etc.

  3. Why IMG is very afraid of announcing their opening date: IMG just keeps on telling the people "VERY SOON". People don't wanna trust you anymore. Unlike Dubai Parks and Resorts, they are announcing it and it is great!
    Even if you will check the Facebook fan page of IMG, there's a lot of people complaining specifically for those who get hired and wasted their time to wait for IMG to get them. People lose the chance for other opportunities from another company because they chose IMG but they have ended up with nothing because IMG just gave them false hope.
    Anyway, good luck to both theme parks.

  4. Highly doubt it will be first week in May, the poster was likely guessing.

    I think we can expect the announcement whilst the DEAL (Dubai Entertainment and Leisure) Expo is in town from 19th April - 21st April or as someone else has posted the Arabian Travel Market show is on 25th April - 28th April.

    They really have lost a lot of interest locally in the UAE due to their lack of commitment on an opening date and their quite embarrassing marketing up to now! The fact that they still haven't revealed their attractions is once again bad marketing, look at what Dubai Parks are doing and their recent attraction reveal for Motiongate, the whole industry around the world has been talking about it and people are now excitedly planning their future trips to Dubai to visit.

    I want IMG to succeed, I really do and I will be visiting as soon as they open but watching over the last couple of years the shambles their marketing, HR and pre opening has been my fear for them.

  5. Can anyone update with latest pics of the park..

  6. From where did you get the news that it will open by 1st week of May?

  7. Well, the Arabian Travel Market is close. So, probably they would announce it by then.

  8. Park is getting opened in first week of May. We hope this is the final date.

  9. Ramadan is coming up at the beginning of June so I would not be surprised if they postponed opening until the fall. I'm leaving Dubai for good in June so that would be sad, as I was hoping to see this park before I left.

  10. Is the park fully ready?

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