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    This is the first time I have managed to get the tickets site working for me and you can currently buy tickets for opening day.


  2. Just passed by IMG. I saw ride testing on the red roller coaster.

  3. So basically it's not even gonna open on the 31st

  4. I did book tickets for next week and they sent me an email to re-book for after 31st. Not happy.

  5. I'm honestly so disappointed but I was expecting this too. Tbh, that's just horrible. They delayed this thing like 10 TIMES! Not only that... Imagine the people who booked their tickets and went on vacation and had to leave by the 16th.

  6. It will. Dubai parks opens October 31st

  7. It won't open before Parks and Resorts.

  8. Carlysx here. Just saw this, so expected!

  9. 4 days out - what's going to happen?

  10. I saw that before but I wonder if they finished yet since we have 5 days since I'm not counting the 15th.

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