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  1. I drove by today and they are still putting in the glass panels to enclose the structure.

  2. einekleineemail is offline themeparX Legend
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    Jul 2014
    Any photos? Any news?
    Can you upload some photos to show us the progress of projects in City of Arabia and IMG Worlds of Adventure?

  3. Seems good from the outside... what's happening inside? Can someone share some pics from inside? What's happening with the cinema that's going to be inside?

  4. When is this park going to open?

  5. On Instagram, Search for IMGWORLD, IMGWOA, or IMGworldsofadventures... can't remember. It will be on of the first images.

  6. einekleineemail is offline themeparX Legend
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    Jul 2014
    How can I see this pictures, please?

  7. Yes, the hole is closing now and the outer part is near completion. I've seen pictures from an Instagram account. They are closing the hole with glass panel instead of the colored cladding.

  8. Does anyone have any recent photos of the site? Is it enclosed yet?

  9. Passed by the site two days ago and it still has a large open section, and some empty paneling. I don't think they'll get it done by the of the year.

  10. Drove past IMG today and they are in the process of closing the last open area; the structure should be fully closed soon.

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