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    More features from IMG Worlds of Adventure:

    "IMG Worlds of Adventure Unveils Extensive F&B and Retail Offering"

    Set to welcome more than 20,000 visitors per day, IMG Worlds of Adventure will boast 28 unique food and beverage offerings. From American to Middle Eastern, Pan - Asian to Mexican, European to Indian, and South African, this variety and scale is anticipated to place IMG Worlds of Adventure at the top of international theme park rankings for F&B offerings.

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    "IMG Worlds of Adventure appoints GM"

    The Ilyas & Mustafa Galadari Group announced in a statement on Tuesday the appointment of Lennard Otto as General Manager of IMG Worlds of Adventure, an indoor themed entertainment destination spanning 1.5 million square feet.

  3. Any more news in this theme park? When will it open? Now that they have painted all the walls and the roof, what comes next?

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    Progress as of today:

  5. Avengers theme park ride unveiled at Dubai Comic Con

    “The ride will blend cutting-edge stereoscopic 3D media with a highly detailed, realistic physical set and explosive special effects designed to create a fully immersive experience,” said a representative of the Ilyas & Mustafa Galadari Group, developers of IMG Worlds of Adventure.

  6. Seeing as no-one else has - big thanks for posting all the pics.

  7. What rides will this have?

  8. Let's hope it will open in spring this year.

  9. The theme park opening has been delayed due to addition of new rides. It cannot be blamed on PR I suppose.

  10. Who are these PR clowns who announced the theme park would open at the end of 2013 or mid of 2014?

    There are only two ways to explain it:
    1) they openly lied under pressure from their incompetent employer and scared to lose their jobs
    2) they have no idea what they are doing

    What's the better of the two for the sake of the theme park?

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