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  1. Any new pics?

  2. Hi to all you guys in Dubai, we are all waiting for new construction photos of IMG theme park

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    Can you please please provide some update pic from Wadi & Metro & (I&M) towers, please?!

  4. Am going to Dubai in 10 days.
    I will take a good selection of close up photos of the IMG theme park dome and Wadi tower. And post them here.

  5. Thanks man

  6. I live in Dubai, but I am on vacation right now. I will take pics of the dome and everything you guys are asking for in the first week of August. Please have patience, you will get all your pics!

  7. Can I see a picture of the dome please.

  8. Any news?

  9. My camera is horrible.

  10. Just saying when Ramadan started I saw them building the roof
    Since you seem to be around, how about taking some photos?

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