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  1. It's the Mack Megacoaster ( Clone of Blue fire at Europa Park ) .

  2. From @IMGWOA twitter and their website

  3. They are improving the park

  4. "the scheme will now open in December 2014"

    that means under 8 months to go from an open spaceframe to fully functioning enclosed theme park with all ride testing completed.

    Wow !


    The park, which was previously set to complete in December 2013, has now completed its massive (1.5mn ft2) space frame and cladding of its walls and roof has begun.

    The rides, which are being manufactured off-site, are also well underway with sections beginning to arrive onsite.

    IMG's Worlds of Adventures will have four zones, including branded Marvel Superheroes and Cartoon Network zones, as well as a Lost Valley dinosaur-themed area and an IMG Boulevard which will serve as a zone for welcoming visitors.

    A spokesperson for IMG Group said: "We have worked with the best ride designers in the business and many of the rides will be world-firsts in terms of the technology involved and ride experience, with a multitude of state-of-the-art attractions constituting a big part in bringing the epic adventure alive for visitors.”

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    So the Dh1.2 billion they received was to improve on the park or because did they ran out of funding?

  7. Insider information they have expanded and added more state of the art rides. The funding was to further improve the park.

  8. They said that they have expanded the model a bit during comic con.....maybe adding extra rides?

  9. Gulfnews reports:

    Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) has arranged a Dh1.2 billion syndicated Islamic facility for IMG Theme Park LLC, the company behind IMG Worlds of Adventure, Dubai’s first mega-themed entertainment destination.
    The deal was structured by ADIB to meet IMG Theme Park’s specific financing needs, including refinancing of its existing corporate facility and providing finance for the expansion of the Worlds of Adventure project.

    -- what does this mean exactly? They run out of money while under construction and now received help?

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