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    (1/16/14) While very little is known so far about the attractions that will be offered inside the IMG Worlds of Adventure park, one of them has been discovered on the Dynamic Attractions portfolio of projects list called the Circumotion.

    The site describes it as a, “circular theatre with seats mounted on a massive motion base is patented by Falcon’s Tree House, and is in the final phase of fabrication, ready for installation in the UAE in 2014.”

  2. recent Photos?

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    The park is scheduled to open by the end of this year, and if not than thee shall be opening just around January - February 2015.

  4. Pictures from

  5. Hording going up today next to site

  6. That article was made before joining forces with Cartoon Network and Marvel, so obviously it would delay it more

    here is the other article

  7. Construction update:

    I see they have almost completed the side beams for the structure. I live in the Villa Project so I go cycling a lot there, I have noticed they started demolishing some piles that were erected in the past, I think that is where the roller coaster is going. There is always a lot of construction laborer on site so this project is going full speed exciting for us living in the villa project. Noticed something else a lot of work is also going on in an empty large plot, where the extension of the wadi walk is, it is the location of the first roundabout as you enter going to the villa project.

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