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Local Name:
آي إم جي عالم من المغامرا
26 Jun 2012
Construction Start:
Feb 2013
31 Aug 2016
14 ha
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    Oct 2013
    The Theme Park website is now online :'D

  2. City of Arabia has restarted work on residential properties, and its Wadi Tower is almost “90 per cent complete”, he said. “A lot more people are settling in Dubai and demands for towers and villas are very high.”

    The first Wadi Tower apartments are due to be handed over by the end of this year.

  3. You guys who live in Dubai are doing a great job keeping us updated with pics for people who don't live Dubai you guys are a lifeline to us.
    Am invested in
    Wadi tower city of Arabia its next to IMG theme ,I invested 7 years ago in wadi tower and thought I had lost my money but they have nearly built wadi tower and started the IMG theme park ,it is the key to wadi tower.
    If you guys have any time could you please post pics of wadi tower it's right next img theme park .I no am asking a lot because you guys take time out in your busy life to take pics for us .Me and my wife life savings is in wadi tower and it would mean so much to us , when the next time someone takes pics for img theme park if they could add a couple of pics for wadi tower.

    This a great web site and is really important to foreign investors of city of Arabia ,we get to more from you guys on what's going on in city of Arabia then any where else.

    Just to say thank you so much .

  4. WOW great pics and update. Big big thanks from all of us in the UK

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    Update from last week:

  6. “We are looking at mid-next year for a soft opening and official opening towards the end of the year,” Page said. The structural skeleton of the project (pictured) is visibly taking shape on site with Page noting “it will reduce some of my marketing spend on outdoor advertising when I have the park towering over the highway”.

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    Mustafa Galadari (IMG) Group expects to open Dubai’s first theme park complex within its City of Arabia development by the middle of 2014.
    The IMG Worlds of Adventure theme park will comprise the first phase of the mixed-use project City of Arabia project located on Emirates Road. The mall is part of the second phase.
    Mashreq and Al Hilal bank helped to provide finance for the theme park

  8. A huge amount of work is being done off-site internationally, and all will be shipped in,” Mr Page said.

    The IMG Group is working with several European, Canadian and American ride vendors, such as Mack Rides from Germany, to fill the interiors.

  9. Mr Turbo I live in India thank you from me and friends for the new pictures we are all so invested in city of arabia .

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