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    lyas & Mustafa Galadari Group (IMG) has announced that the third phase of its planned 1.5m ft2 theme park in Dubai will be branded as The Lost Valley and will contain animatronic dinosaurs and rollercoaster rides.

    The Lost Valley is a 270,000ft2 facility and will be the third of four 'worlds' it is developing on site - with the fourth due to be announced shortly.

  2. Thank you very much for the new construction photos.

  3. Thanks! Great updates, keep them coming

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    Dubai-based Ilyas & Mustafa Galadari Group (IMG Group) announced a partnership with Falcon Treehouse to build a dinosaur-themed zone – The Lost Valley – in its upcoming IMG Theme Park.

    Lost Valley is the third of four zones in the theme park, with IMG signing on Cartoon Network and Marvel for the first two zones. Details about the last zone will be disclosed shortly, said the company.

    Representing dinosaurs from different ages, The Lost Valley will have animatronic dinosaurs, rides such as The Velociraptor Launch Coaster and video simulations. It will also include themed retail outlets and themed merchandise.

    While Falcon Treehouse conceptualised the designs, IMG added the rides.

    Spread across over 1.5 million square feet in its first stage, the park is slated to be the largest temperature controlled indoor entertainment destination in the world when ready.

    It is designed to attract up to 20,000 visitors per day, the company said.

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    Update from the IMG City of Arabia Marvel theme park. Tried to stop at the same spot and get a similar angle

  6. Thanks for the pics ,It's a shame it was not a clear day for the photos but thank you anyway ,i will look forward to your next set of photos when you have time.

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    I will post more photos soon again... will take them when I pass by on a clear day!

  8. These are great, are there any updates? Are there any cranes in place to lift the space frame onto the columns? The tower crane looks too far away and not strong enough for that purpose.

  9. A big thanks from me and the wife for the photos, its good to see things are moving a long for the theme park .

  10. Indeed, many thanks! Great to see some progress

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