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  1. Thank for the construction photos .

  2. Thank you for the photos pity it was not clear day hence so clear photos but thank you for your time with taking the photos .

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    Here are the latest photos, taken yesterday. The weather was not good, but much has changed. A huge structure is rising from the point that was just plain flat the last time I passed by and it's probably the Marvel aka Cartoon Network aka City of Arabia aka IMG theme park ...

  4. I promise to post them on or before Tuesday

  5. I can see by the posts on here everybody's waiting for new constuction photos for img park add me to the list as well would love to see updated construction photos of img Thame park.

  6. That would be great if you could get construction photos of the IMG theme park this week ,if its not asking to much could you please get construction photos of Wadi tower which is right next to IMG theme park .I invested in wadi tower in 2006 city of arabia and its nearly complete and I think if IMG theme park is on course it would do wonders for wadi tower and the rest of city of arabia projects

    Thanks for all the help

  7. I live close by. I will get some this week!

  8. Hello there gents does anybody have any new construction photos for the IMG theme park I was told the steel roof for the park is up now .

    Would appreciate any new construction photos for the IMG theme park.

  9. Does anybody have any up to date pics of the construction for IMG park for March please.

    And what happened to Mall of Arabia with HH announcing the Mall of the World project.
    Feel sorry for all the City of Arabia investors who bought properties in 2005 with a completion date for 2008 and it's 2013 now and they have only built 1 tower which is still not complete and no mall and now they are flogging it of with the IMG park to be built by December, not a cat in hell chance will they built it by December with there past track record, more like 2015. City of Arabia what a nightmare investment for investors, who will ever trust Galadari again with false promises.

  10. What are the issues with the project? So said rumors what are the rumors?

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