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HotGo DreamWorld
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  1. Anchoring HotGo DreamWorld's futuristic zone, Fantastic Tales, is ALIEN TAXI- a multi-launch coaster designed by Legacy Entertainment. Intended to be a modern take on Disney's Space Mountain, Alien Taxi was to begin with a slow-speed Dark Ride segment, followed by a launch into the main show box. A second launch would propel vehicles out of the box and into the Fantastic Tales land for the ride's finale.

    With HotGo DreamWorld indefinitely stalled, Legacy Entertainment's roller coaster design was adapted on a much smaller budget and scale for Trans Studio Cibubur, where a modest-but-popular "Alien Taxi" coaster opened in July 2019. This version uses a Maurer SC2000 ride system.

  2. One of the strangest elements of HotGo DreamWorld's design from Legacy Entertainment is its inclusion of a land bearing an unmistakeable resemblance to Disney California Adventure's Paradise Pier. This was done at insistence of the client, who had fallen in love with DCA's Boardwalk zone during their visit to the park. Legacy's designers aimed to deviate to the greatest degree possible, drawing on inspirations from benchmarks such as The Festival of Britain and Tivoli Gardens.

  3. Part 2: HotGo DreamWorld Garden Boardwalk zone Master Plan & Design by Legacy Entertainment

  4. FANTASTIC TALES is HotGo DreamWorld's futuristic land, and was designed as a fully-enclosed space to allow for year-round operation (climate-controlled walkways connect it to the Castle Hotel at the park's entrance). Legacy Entertainment's theme park design aimed for a fresh take on the Tomorrowland concept, and one idea that was explored was a land in which everything from the ride vehicles to the employee uniforms would illuminate. The land was anchored by the ALIEN TAXI multi-launch coaster. While TBD to see if this attraction will be realized in Fushun, a scaled-back version was built last year in another Legacy Entertainment project, Trans Studio Cibubur.

  5. Part 2: FANTASTIC TALES at HotGo DreamWorld Indoor Theme Park Design by Legacy Entertainment

  6. In addition to the Witch House walk-through attraction, HotGo DreamWorld's Fairy Tales zone is also home to Merlin's Enchanted Laboratory- a Vekoma Mad House / Mack Mystery Swing style attraction designed by Legacy Entertainment, with the closest benchmark being Villa Volta at Eteling or Hex at Alton Towers.

  7. A unique attraction planned for HotGo DreamWorld is a Witch's House walk-through attraction designed by Legacy Entertainment as part of the park's Fairy Tales zone.

    The attraction is intended to be a modern take on the classic optical-illusion based "Tilt House" or "Gravity House" attractions, with some of the most famous examples being The Haunted Shack at Knott's Berry Farm, the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz, Casa Magnetica at Six Flags Over Texas, and the Oregon Vortex. Classic gags from each of these benchmarks would have been interspersed through the witch's Living Room, Kitchen, Garden, Garage, and Bedroom.

  8. One of the most appealing aspects of Legacy Entertainment's theme park design of HotGo DreamWorld is its richly-themed Fairy Tale zone. Inspired by Efteling's fairy tale forest, this land is anchored by a Unicorn Steeplechase coaster and mythical creature boat safari ride, both deeply woven and integrated with each other and into their environments. Intimate pathways would route guests pasts a number of fairy tale vignettes, and even through a haunted forest home to a witch's house 'Gravity House' walk through.

  9. With HotGo DreamWorld's owner and developer intent on replicating Disneyland, the theme park's designers, Legacy Entertainment, had to find ways to satisfy this mandate while also creating something new and original. Settling on a unifying theme of stories, this led to the design of lands based on different genres including ADVENTURE TALES. Organized around a central lagoon and lush tropical mountain, this land would have featured several pavilions showcasing stories of adventure from all around the globe, with signature attractions including a Pirate Stunt Show, a super-sized pirate ship Splash Battle, and an off-road dinosaur safari.

  10. COMIC TALES is Hotgo DreamWorld's primary family zone, hosting the largest concentration of attractions targeted at young children. In addition to these family attractions, this land was to be headlined by a Maurer Spinning Coaster with multiple 'trick track' features, similar to Winjas at Phantasialand.

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