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HotGo DreamWorld
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  1. Michael is online now themeparX Top Investigator
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    New on the ground photos showing nothing happening at the park just like the usual unfortunately:


  2. Michael is online now themeparX Top Investigator
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    Mar 2016
    Still just sitting there nothing going on unfortunately

    Sources: and

  3. They seem to have improved and updated their website.
    More photos are available and there is more information about each park, one of the hotels, and it also states that Dreamworld will open in 2017.

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    Their location is pretty obvious from the website I think but its hard to get a grip of it you don't speak the language.
    Go here on the website and choose the 'by car' option and you should be able to see the location properly.

    Here's an odd thing to say but if you put "Laohou Pork Dishes, china" into Google maps you should find the location on there.

    As for park content I am not convinced most of it is opened and the information seems to suggest that.

    I found one review of the waterpark on Trip Advisor but nothing much else. I think they are opening in stages but, honestly, if anyone can make sense of this website then they are a genius! The website is awful and there is very little to suggest it's open at all.

    If you scope it out on Google Earth (last image from end of 2015) there are some rides and stuff visible in smaller areas dotted around what looks like the "main park" and Hotel but it looks very bare where you would expect the park to actually be.

    If you're planning to visit I would hold off and keep checking that FAQ page.

  5. Does anyone know what the resort consist of and where it's all located? I haven't found much out about this and the website is pretty vague.
    Google maps link:

  6. HotGo Park is open now! Here's their official website:

  7. Looks like HotGo Theme Park is now open according to Vertical Horizons.

  8. david.welsh2 is offline Newbie
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    Hotgo is the name of the whole development. Dreamworld will still be a park within the whole project.

  9. Gutterflower is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    No ride construction yet it seems. The water park is actually already open.
    I believe these were taken in late December and show the hotel coming along.


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