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HotGo DreamWorld
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  1. Where is the English version of the site... and why would one want to rename a project called Dreamwold into HotGo? HotGo sounds like a fast food burger or pizza chain.

  2. Awesome. Any construction pics to share?

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    Official Site - We have an official site up now too.

    Looks like the water park is opening first in May.

  4. @Gutterflower, that's right, it's the same park. Great find!

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    Is this park? images look the same but its called Hotgo on that side.

    Hotgo Fushun was announced as one of the parks getting a Gravity Group terrain coaster at IAAPA so it looks like the rides are being sorted.

  6. No rides have been purchased and buildings are slow to go up. But hey, a lot of the surrounding residential has been completed and up for sale. T.I.C.

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    From LinkedIn sources:

    Kirk is currently the Architectural Project Designer for Dreamworld Resort and Theme Park, a $1.5 billion dollar resort development in Shenyang/Fushun Peoples Republic of China. While at Dreamworld he has been developing concept designs for a 400 room hotel and a 600 room hotel and spa which includes exclusive high end commercial and mixed use retail, residential with an entertainment zone.

  8. When will it open?

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