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10 May 2012
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15 Jul 2014
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Universal Parks & Resorts
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  1. Likely. Theme park attractions hardly ever open early.

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    Do you think that it will be later than september?

  3. Opening dates circulated so far have been 'second half of 2014' and 'late 2014'. I wouldn't count on a September opening!

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    Hi guys! I'm thinking about going to Japan on 2014 summer, but I wouldn't like to go to Universal Studios Japan and see that the Wizarding World it's not opened yet. Anybody knows if it will be open before 2014 September?

  5. I don't see a coaster there. Can you make a screenshot with an arrow?

  6. Coaster Footers at 4:21 in that video below?

  7. Harry Potter auditions!

    Universal Studios Japan has announced that it will begin taking auditions for various roles this August and September for their upcoming Wizarding World of Harry Potter, set to open in late 2014 in the city of Osaka.

    Some of the roles up for grabs include Beauxbatons dancers (which requires a history of ballet), male actors for Ollivanders and the Hogwarts Express conductor, and various female Hogwarts students who are prefects or part of the singing choir.

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  9. Maybe not Potter-related, but word is the park's securing land to open a second gate connected to CityWalk.

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    Translated from Japanese:

    The second half of 2014, "Magical World of Harry Potter," a new theme park opens Universal Studios Japan to (USJ). Total investment of 45 billion yen in the past up to USJ.
    "Magical world of Harry Potter" USJ version is opened in part it was flat parking north of the Park. Area of eight hectares. About 20% of the wider part of USJ Park because it is 39 hectares.
    The attraction to the point "Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey" introduction of has decided. The rumor Hogwart's Express attractions of USJ own on the theme is such as he is ... plan.
    By the way, Universal Studios Singapore, Universal Studios Korea is (opened in 2014) to the other in Asia, but a contract with "only Japan opening of Harry Potter area" seems to have been exchanged.

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