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  1. The Company announced a Fast and Furious coaster replacing Animal Actors and Special Effects with the Production Central gift shop
    it is currently unknown for the ride name, manufacturer, or type of coaster. it was rumored that the manufacturer was Intamin, but there hasn't been a Intamin Coaster in the U.S. for a while, so that information is currently unknown

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    Permits have been filed for an 11 Story Hotel at Universal Studios Hollywood, under the moniker of Project 515 as of May 2nd, 2023. Permit filings go further back to December when initial permits were being drafted over near the USH Globe.

    For those familar, NBCUniversal's Evolution Plan has pin-pointed two potential spots for an all new hotel, that being in-between Frankenstein Parking and the Creative Campus; and that of Globe Gardens and the area surrounding the USH globe.

  3. A look at everything new at Universal Studios, from a new store and new merch, to HORROR NIGHTS &More!!

  4. Opening day ceremony at Super Nintendo world:

  5. Check out the preparation inside of Super Nintendo World for the opening livestream on Wednesday, the looks of the (now closed) Animal Actors and Special Effects Show, possible Horror Nights updates, and MUCH MORE!

  6. A new update looking at the crazy crowds for Super Nintendo World’s AP Preview, demolition around the park, WaterWorld, new updates to Universal CityWalk Hollywood, and more!!

  7. A look at Super Nintendo World (with a ride/restaurant Evacuation), construction and filming at Toothsome Chocolate Emporium, and the closures in the upper lot.

  8. Walking around Super Nintendo World which opened yesterday for technical rehearsals!

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    Super Nintendo World is almost open and got the chance to take part in a tour ahead of the big day. During the walk around, we got to see more Mario Bros. moments that you could shake a stick at. Walking through the big green Warp Pipe that serves as an entrance to the park was a trip. In the same breath, The first lobby is basically Peach's Castle from Super Mario 64 and looking up to the sky in the middle of the room was surreal as well. But, that's just the first taste of everything to come in the park on February 17.


  10. A look inside, around, and even ABOVE Super Nintendo World, and a look at everything else coming to and leaving Universal Studios Hollywood.

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