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Harry Potter Expansion
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  1. Does anyone think that this will just be a train ride through some back-lot/semi-industrial areas with beautiful views of metal Floridian roofs?

    I can't imagine Universal letting people see all that "mess". Any thoughts to the windows on the train actually being screens with HP content on the trip so as to make it a better experience?

    Anyone heard anything?


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    Screamscape has a picture of the track linking Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Islands of Adventure with the new Harry Potter section at the adjacent Universal Studios:

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    wow , this will be huge !

  4. I first went to Universal a week after the Jaws ride was closed so unfortunately I never was able to experience it. My girlfriend and I were at Universal Studios yesterday and around the area where the new construction is there were two cast members in full Mardi Gras Universal attire that were made to look like overly obsessed tourists asking random people where the Wizarding World was. When they were told that they were in the wrong park they simple responded with "That sounds like a lot of work to get there, we'll just wait for the train". Theres a lot of information leading the a Harry Potter expansion however for any doubt in your mind that its coming theres already permits Universal invested in to create a railway to connect the two parks. Personally I enjoyed the scenery of the Wizarding World but I do think it's unfortunate that Harry Potter is slowly consuming the Universal Parks. Kongfrontation and Jaws are both gone, E.T. is next.

  5. Those pictures are not from Hypable; they just re-posted them. The pics are from Orlando United. Highly recommended site for updates.

  6. Latest photos by

    Harry Potter site in the Studios:

    Construction also commenced on the Islands of Adventure site:


  7. Crane arrived at Islands of Adventure's Wizarding World:

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