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Harry Potter Expansion
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  1. Yes, Tommyguns, that's right! The train will connect the Harry Potter sections of both parks and you'll have to purchase a 2 park ticket in order to access it!

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    I don't know if this has been asked but, will the express be a connect for both parks? If so, will you have to get a 2 park pass?

  3. Coaster car being loaded into Gringotts Bank ride in the new Wizarding World area at Universal Studios Florida:



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    "We've done a study that says we could have 10,000 or 15,000 hotel rooms and still have occupancy that makes those rooms profitable," NBCUniversal President and Chief Executive Officer Steve Burke told investment analysts at a conference in Beverly Hills, Calif.

    "And all of those people staying in those hotel rooms would be more likely to go to our theme parks," Burke added. "So I think, strategically, we need to get those hotel rooms open and build out the resort."

    Such an expansion would at least quadruple the 2,400 hotel rooms that Universal Orlando currently has, though that figure will jump to about 4,200 early next year with the opening of Universal's Cabana Bay Beach Resort. All of Universal's on-property hotels are owned and operated through joint ventures with Loews Hotels.

    A large infusion of hotel rooms at Universal could pose a direct threat to Walt Disney World, which has roughly 26,000 hotel rooms and time-share suites.

  5. Opening will probably be in June/July. Just looked up Fl annual pass prices, the least expensive is blacked out for both parks from June 14th to August 14th.

  6. Screamscape sources tell us that the Hogwarts Express locomotives may be currently kept under big white tarps in the approximate location of where the old Hard Rock restaurant building used to be. It may be possible to see them from the parking lot of the Hard Rock Hotel, or even hear them. Apparently crews have been testing sound effects and animation features on them this week.

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