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Harry Potter Expansion
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    Construction images from July 31, 2012
    Jaws Area - Fence was very high and I was unable to reach over it to get any pictures but my brother got this one

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  3. Quote Originally Posted by sarahleisure View Post
    It's just so incredibly sad that they have removed the Jaws Ride for this. This was a classic. Orlando has so much space. Why removing ingenious work like the Jaws Ride? Better remove some villas and hotels instead...
    Close profitable lodging in order to keep a ride that is over 20 years old? You did see the kind of guest counts the original opening of the WWoHP area brought, right? If the Hogwarts Express rumor is true, this will be a huge draw for fans.

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    Permits Show Hogwarts Express to Link Islands of Adventure to Universal Studios Orlan

    Universal Orlando finally, though inadvertently, revealed they’re going to link their two Central Florida theme parks with a new transit attraction. Their filings with the water management district show locations within both Islands of Adventure and Universal Orlando which are part of a larger overall project to construct what is rumored to be a simulation of the famed Hogwarts Express.

    The filings are for the dewatering of retention ponds amid the track of the Dragon Challenge coasters at Islands of Adventure and the service road just south of the old Jaws attraction in Universal Studios Orlando. The Dragon Challenge site plans were originally thought to be explicit enough to include a blatant outline for a train station, but those lines in the drawing are actually for the pump heads to remove the water from the pond and the surrounding silt fence.

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    Neil Lamont, art director for the first six Harry Potter films, revealed at the round table interviews at Warner Bros Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter on Thursday that he and production designer Stuart Craig are nearly done wrapping up a 'project' for Universal Studios Resorts in Orlando.

    This more than likely references to final designs and plans of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter expansion, also called Phase II of the theme park, or the rumoured "Project 722." Lamont (photographed below behind Jany Temime, and between David Yates and Tom Felton), along with Alan Gilmore who helped design the currently-open Wizarding World theme park, are supervising art directors for the expansion set to open within the next few years, under head production designer Craig.

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    It's just so incredibly sad that they have removed the Jaws Ride for this. This was a classic. Orlando has so much space. Why removing ingenious work like the Jaws Ride? Better remove some villas and hotels instead...

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    Re: Harry Potter expansion (Universal Studios Orlando)

    The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is going to get bigger at Universal Orlando. And it will have a sister world at Universal Studios Hollywood theme park in California, the company revealed Tuesday.

    Details about the Florida expansion — such as cost, new attractions, time frame or which of the two Universal Orlando theme parks it would be located in — were not shared. The original Wizarding World of Harry Potter, based on the books created by J.K. Rowling, opened at Universal's Islands of Adventure in June 2010.

    "We've not announced a time frame, but it's going to take years for us to create something on the scale and scope we envision," said Tom Schroder, a Universal Orlando spokesman. Details will be announced "over time," said a Universal news release.

    Universal Orlando announced last week that it would close the Jaws ride at Universal Studios theme park on Jan. 2. Since then the rumor mill has churned with chatter about what could go in that space. If Potter replaced Jaws, the boy wizard would be in both Universal parks.

    "I think it's very interesting that Universal Orlando announced the closure of Jaws a mere few days before the confirmation of an expansion," said Ricky Brigante, owner of InsideTheMagic.Net, a theme-parks website.

    He would be surprised if Potter elements spilled over into the Studios, but "anything is possible," he said.

    "Looking at a map, I can see a clear route between where Jaws is now and the existing Wizarding World of Harry Potter," Brigante said. "A Hogwarts Express [train] could be built between the two, but that would certainly be a major construction project involving both parks and backstage and reworking of facilities."

    Previously, buzz centered on Wizarding World expanding into the adjacent Lost Continent area of Islands of Adventure, he said.

    "With all this going on, there are certainly doubts that that would happen," Brigante said.

    Other speculation calls for the expansion to be themed on London scenes of the "Harry Potter" movies. The resort's contract with Warner Bros. requires it to have elements from the final Potter films, the last of which opened in theaters this summer.

    Most industry analysts considered a Harry Potter expansion in Orlando inevitable given the financial success of Wizarding World. Universal's attendance jumped 20 percent in 2010 — to 11.2 million — even though Wizarding World didn't open until halfway through the year. It soared 52 percent — to nearly 6.4 million — during the first half of 2011.

    "Normally, you put a new attraction out and you're delighted if you get a 5 percent bump in attendance. Harry Potter came out and we were seeing 40 percent and 50 percent bumps, just a gigantic sea change in the profitability," NBCUniversal Chief Executive Officer Steve Burke said at a conference with analysts this fall.

    The Wizarding World expansion would be part of a flurry of construction projects at Central Florida theme parks. SeaWorld's TurtleTrek attraction is set to open next year, and a major Antarctica-themed area will open there in 2013. The first phase of the Fantasyland expansion at Disney World's Magic Kingdom is scheduled to open in 2012, and Disney's Animal Kingdom plans to add a land based on the "Avatar" films in 2016.

    In Hollywood, details about the Potter plan there were thin, although a news release boasted it "will be as impressive as what has been created in Orlando." At the Tuesday news conference, it was confirmed that Hollywood would include a Hogwarts castle and its signature ride, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.

    No details about a Hogsmeade village, other rides or restaurants were shared.

    "I am sure that the teams at Universal and Warner Bros. will bring their expertise and attention to detail to Hollywood to make this new experience equally as exciting," Rowling said in the release. She was not on stage for the announcement.

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    Harry Potter expansion (Universal Orlando)

    Status: under construction

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