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  1. It's on the Six Flags site, as well, now:

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    I believe its somewhere along this section of coast.,121.0202331,19932m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en-GB

    no exact point yet though.

  3. Can someone pinpoint the location on a map? Is it far from Shanghai?

  4. ...and here is concept art for the Six Flags China park:

    You can find more here:

  5. Found on the Chinese internet. Here are more photographs from the announcement ceremony:

  6. Hangzhou Bay Sunac Tourism City

    Going ahead:

    Yesterday, we signed an MOU with the provincial government of Zhejiang to develop the first Zhejiang Riverside Six Flags international Resort in Haiyan County.
    Source: LinkedIn
    Haiyan is close to Shanghai

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