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  1. Michael is online now themeparX Top Investigator
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    Next area has been revealed on the official website, Epic:

    Get ready for a grand adventure around the pint-sized whimsical world of Epic. With Queen Marigold's magic and Professor Bomba's inventions, humans will now get a chance to marvel at the secret kingdom up close!

    Enjoy a whimsical tour around Moonhaven on Mub and Grub’s indoor boat ride. As you journey deep into this macro-world, keep a lookout for Nod, M.K and Mandrake as they come alive with larger-than-life animatronics and special effects!

    Queen Marigold's magical seed pod is under attack by the Boggans! As loyal Leafmen, climb aboard a flying hummingbird and ride to Her Majesty's defences!

    Mub and Grub's food joint, inventively made from Professor Bomba’s copper watering can, offers some of the tastiest treats. Savour waffles to go complete with ice cream and fruits.

    Centered in the oak tree visit the Epic gift shop. Take home photo memorabilia from your adventurous ride, custom Epic merchandise and enjoy a final walk through the secret kingdom.

  2. CarlySX is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    Ricky Field, ICAE, Director of Operations, Genting Theme Parks, taking some of our Leadership team through one of many pre-opening readiness exercises - raising the bar through operational insights, learnings and soon, technical rehearsals.

    Designing and building a new theme park is one thing, bringing it to life is another (especially in a pandemic!) #leadership #team #teamwork #training #coaching

  3. Michael is online now themeparX Top Investigator
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    The next area of the park, Liberty Lane, is already viewable on the Genting SkyWorlds official website:

    Inspired by the streets of San Francisco, this thriving neighbourhood comes to life with unique stores, food joints, and an exhilarating attraction from Planet of the Apes – a first-in-the-world, designed exclusively for Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park.

    Be at the forefront of this pulse-pounding, 3D indoor ride featuring Caesar and other iconic primates in a battle against mankind.

    Feast yourself happy with crispy, thick, double-fried chips, straight from the kitchen of Liberty Lane! Get adventurous with the accompanying dips that include Truffle Mayo, Marie Rose, Curry Mustard, Horseradish, and so much more!

    Chomp down on The BIG 18 - a mega long hot dog, topped with delicious veggies for those with big appetites. Fret not for the average eaters, as the regular hot dogs pack just as much flavour!

    Discover themed merchandise and collectibles at this Planet of the Apes gift shop. A perfect stop for fans of the global blockbluster!

  4. Michael is online now themeparX Top Investigator
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    Mar 2016
    The next area at Genting SkyWorlds is Andromeda Base, which was just revealed on the park's official website:

    In this thrilling galactic escapade, your survival on Andromeda Base is put to the test in various challenges, including the looming Terraform Tower of terror!

    But be warned recruits, dangers lurk about in every shape and form in the deep unknown. Stay on high alert. The stakes are higher now than ever before.

    Put your strength and resilience to the test on this obstacle course designed to challenge even the most agile of recruits.

    Think you've got what it takes to be an alpha pilot? Strap yourselves in for a thrilling space battle simulation. As pilots in training, this is as much a physical and mental test for your mission ahead.

    As for Andromeda's newly trained recruits, the tower of terror is one of thrills and exhilaration. Experience a breathtaking view at its best vantage point, all before extraterrestrial beings strike!

    Stay in tip-top condition for your mission on Andromeda Base with Sergeant Sully's selection of healthy juices and boosters.

    Deploying all recruits to Andromeda Base! No time for dilly-dallies, grab a clam chowder or a whole corn-on-the-cob, and get going!

    Purchase your ride photos and limited edition merchandise here. Don't forget, your favourite photos are available for downloads too!

  5. Michael is online now themeparX Top Investigator
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    Genting SkyWorlds has released details about the next area on their website: Rio

    Strangely though the indoor boat ride is not mentioned anywhere. Perhaps it is phase 2.

    In Rio, it's a summer party, all day, every day!

    Waltz through the bustling neighbourhood of Santa Teresa where fun, excitement and samba music fill the air.

    Marvel at the colourful facades, or take a hang glider across the rooftops. Join in on the lively atmosphere as the carnival swings into action for a spectacularly wonderful party to remember!

    The feathered birdies of Rio sure know how to throw a party. With stunning detail and artistic elements, guests can join iconic characters from 20th Century Studios on this classic double-decker carousel ride for non-stop fun!

    Take off to view sights from 65-feet above on this daring hang glider giving you the ultimate bird's eye view or shall we say, Blu's eye view of every corner of Rio.

    Spin into a whirlwind of fun with Blu, Jewel and the Rio crew as lively chaos ensues in this colourful teacup ride!

    Let the rhythm flow! Hear the music play! Put forth your best shimmy as Rio invites you to a sizzling performance of Rio's best talents.

    Join the party at Centro Stage! The samba festival is gearing up, and it’s time for auditions. As our talented cast takes you on a musical adventure, they might scout for some 'untamed' talent to make this year’s big routine the best one yet!

    Bite into juicy soft-shell tacos filled with meats and veggies at Santa Teresa Trolley Treats! It's the perfect pit stop as you make your way through Carnival!

    Savour finger-licking goodness with our selection of fried chicken. As the saying goes, calories don't count when you're having fun!

    Samba your way through the Mercado at the town square and take home special Rio keepsakes!

  6. Michael is online now themeparX Top Investigator
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    Mar 2016
    Genting SkyWorlds has now officially released details about the "Central Park" area:

    Gather in the buzzing town square to experience the best of world-class attractions, dining, retail and live entertainment. Whether it's a visit to the Natural History Museum or the marvellous fountain show at the Lake of Dreams, Central Park is where fun, excitement and memory-lasting moments meet.

    At the Natural History Museum, it’s never a quiet shift when night falls. Dexter is on the loose and Rexy is keeping a watchful eye. Team up with the night guard on this action-packed 3D interactive ride, zapping any unruly exhibits that may try to wreak havoc!

    Board a hybrid aerospace fighter, take flight and soar through the galactic skies. With heart-pounding twists and turns, there’s no time to lose in a battle to defend Earth!

    The time has come to defend Earth from an alien invasion! Earth Space Defence recruits, gear up and get ready to be part of an exhilarating space endeavour.

    Join us for a Rock & Roll concert in the park! Featuring classic rock hits and contemporary favourites, this concert is sure to rock your world.

    Nothing says British more than a good ol' chippy from the shops. With world-renowned Harry Ramsden, a plate of fish and chips is as authentic as it gets. Choose from haddock or cod, with a side of chunky chips, and bask in the splendid surroundings of Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park.

    Choose from a spread of local and Middle Eastern delights, including Nasi Kerabu, Nasi Lemak, Nasi Kandar, Malaysian Laksas, Shawarmas and Kebabs at Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park's only Halal restaurant!

    Starlet's Pizza welcomes pizza lovers of all ages and appetites with its mouth watering selection of Beef Pepperoni, Amatriciana, Tuna Delight and more. For a mix of sweet and savoury, the Tropicana Peanut Butter pizza is a must-try!

    Enjoy precious family time when you dine in and indulge in our selection of authentic Italian dishes.

    Pick up coffees and light snacks as you carry on exploring Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park!

    Continue your exploration with a trip to the gift shop. Whether it's unique souvenirs, plush or apparel, like the museum, there’s much to explore.

    Carry on your galactic adventure in this Independence Day: Defiance dedicated gift shop. Discover toys, apparel, and collectibles that are out of this world.

    Discover an array of Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park merchandise, from bags and accessories to souvenirs and keepsakes for both children and adults alike!

    Make every moment that much sweeter with candies and flosses from our very own sweets factory!

    Check out your Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park experience captured from all around the park, complete with special zoom effects that will take your digital snaps to the next level!

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