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  1. Epic Voyage to Moonhaven

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    Looks like the park has been delayed again due to the pandemic, and is now planned to open in December of 2021.

    Genting Malaysia’s flagship IR Resorts World Genting (RWG), located outside the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, will likely remain closed for three months and the opening of its new theme park delayed until December as a result of Malaysia’s latest COVID-19 lockdown.

    The potential impact of the country’s Movement Control Order, which saw RWG suspend operations for a third time from 31 May, was outlined in a Tuesday note from Maybank Research which saw analyst Samuel Yin Shao Yang slash his earnings estimates for Genting Malaysia in 2021.

  3. When will this place open? These attractions themed after 20th Century Fox properties look outstanding!

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    The Ice Age area has now been revealed.

    A pre-historic adventure with attractions inspired by the globally recognized franchise, Ice Age. Experience mammoth-sized fun for everyone in the family!

    Join Sid and the herd as they journey through ice caverns, Geotopia and a flowing lava tunnel to find and save the lost campers of Campo De Sid.

    Get ready for a nutty adventure on this thrilling rollercoaster ride as Scrat is in search of the mystical acorn! Climb as high as 65-feet before making a splash as twists and turns take you around an icy waterfall.

    Join an adventure led by Sid and Diego on this motion-filled ride all can enjoy!

    Set sail on Captain Gutt's Pirate Ship, or think fast amongst the spouting piranhas to avoid getting drenched! This frosty playground is sure to be exciting for high-energy little explorers!

    In a minor Scrat-tastrophe, the entire Ice Age gang is transported from the blizzardy cold all the way to Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park. Find out what mayhem awaits them here!

    Make a stop at Buck’s for a buffet spread of Western and Asian delights. From appetizers to salads and various Asian noodles, it's an all-you-can-eat feast at Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park's largest restaurant!

    Peaches has the perfect warm treats to share. Signature offerings include hot chocolate, coffee, and a selection of churros.

    Join in on Crash and Eddie's dessert challenge! Indulge in stick ice creams, flavoured shaved ice, and the much-loved local Ais Kacang.

    Nestled in Acorn Mountain, find all things Ice Age, including fan-favorite plush, fashion apparel and unique mementos to remember your exciting adventure!

    Set in stone memories from the icy caves in snow globes, keychains and other themed photo merchandises. Talk about images for the ages!

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