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  1. I found some 3D versions of SFX coaster layouts and it looks like it's not the SFX coaster layout in Genting SkyWorlds but it's interesting to see.


  2. The SFX coaster track site has already started construction work, it was found that they are making steel indentations on the coaster track, therefore the park has started to clean the outer orange track. It seems that they have continued with this SFX coaster project as in Genting's plan to open on 2026.

  3. During my visit they were making a promotional film in preparation for the grand opening, they were also cleaning the coaster sfx track

  4. According to the park employee's Instagram account, it may be that the Mad Ramp Peak attraction will be launched in the near future?


  5. Mad Ramp Peak maintenance site

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    I don't understand, the ride looks complete, why can't they just open it? The park could really benefit from a new major attraction at this point.

  7. The current state of the Mad Ramp Peak riding track surface.

  8. Greg Pearn shared a photo from 2022 of the interior of the SFX Coaster which hasn't changed since 2019.

    ReviewTyme also shared some pieces of the SFX Coaster track that still remain at the construction site that have not been installed.

  9. Is Mad Ramp Peak coaster ever opening? Everywhere just says 2023 still, heading to the park in January and was sure I’d get to ride it but seems unlikely now.

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    Fun fact: Andromeda Base retains about 90% of the original theming. AvP related IP was either destroyed, modified or covered over. Right where this video is taken, the oculus remains behind the tunnel, almost as it was intended, but where was this?


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