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    demolition progress

  2. The groundbreaking ceremony brought together executives from both Fox and Genting, as well as Prime Minister Najib Razak.
    Resorts World Genting noted at the event Tuesday that it had upped its investment from $125 million to more than $300 million, making the new attraction the biggest-ever expansion of its nearly 30-year-old leisure and entertainment complex in Genting Highlands (where altitude tempers the tropical heat).

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    Twentieth Century Fox theme park announced

    Disney and Universal will soon have competition on the film-inspired theme park front. Twentieth Century Fox has just unveiled plans to join the thrill ride party.

    Named "Twentieth Century Fox World," the brand's first theme park is set to open 2016 as part of Malaysia's Resorts World Genting, a leisure and entertainment complex about an hour outside of Kuala Lumpur.

    According to the plans, the 25-acre park will feature more than 25 rides and attractions based on Fox films such as "Ice Age," "Rio," "Alien vs. Predator," "Planet of the Apes" and "Night at the Museum."

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    Ground breaking will happen soon so stay tuned!

  5. I personally feel the new 20th Century Fox should bring in more animation characters in addition to the characters from Bluesky studios like Ice Age and Rio. There are just too few animation characters from Bluesky and I think for a theme park to be successful, there must be an element of magic and fantasy. Just like Cinderella from disney and Shrek from Dreamworks.

    But researching back into Fox animation productions before ice age, Fox actually produced some fairly good animations before Ice Age, and the characters fit well into a themepark concept. Fox produced animations like Anastasia, The Pagemaster, Ferngully, and Titan AE. They should resurrect Fox animation studios characters such as Anastasia and build a Saint Petersberg Castle. This appeals to children. And would create an architectural marvel at the park. The Saint Petersberg dome also blends well with Malaysian architecture with the onion shaped domes. It must feel magical and fantasy-like. The current animations from Bluesky lack the fantasy ingredients. Then you can compete with the best with the likes of Disneyland.

    Other Fox Animation Studios productions also include Wizards, Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure (both released in 1977), Fire and Ice (released in 1983). Maybe one day Fox Animation Studios would truly be resurrected and compete with dreamworks and disney. I hope the developers of the new 20th Century Fox Genting theme park reads this and take on my suggestions.

    Let's make a world-class theme park with the magic and fantasy elements from Disneyland!

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    GENTING HIGHLANDS: Making way for the new Twentieth Century Fox Theme Park scheduled for 2016, the Genting Outdoor Theme Park will be closing its doors from Sunday for two years.

    While the Outdoor Theme Park is closed, all rides and attractions at the First World Indoor Theme Park will remain open.
    To commemorate the occasion and to also celebrate the National Day, there will be activities such as cheerleading and dance performances from 10pm. Entrance is free from 7pm to midnight on Sunday. Pay per ride is also available from 7pm for customers to enjoy the rides one more time before its closure.

    As the Genting Outdoor Theme Park will be closed, there will not be any fireworks display that evening.
    See more at:

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    sad news: 37 died in a bus accident tragedy on the last day of Genting theme park operation...

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    Fox's First Ever Theme Park Just the Beginning, Studio Consumer Products Chief Says

    Twentieth Century Fox's upcoming theme park in Malaysia is the first of a global expansion into that business, the studio's head of consumer products told TheWrap Friday.

    Jeffrey Godsick, president of Fox Consumer Products, said that the theme park, its first-ever full scale resort, "is really the beginning of a global roll out to key territories of larger scale resorts."

    With the resort, a licensing partnership with Resorts World Genting, Fox is entering a lucrative arena long occupied by big studio competitors like the Walt Disney Company and Universal Studios.

    "We are definitely interested in looking at emerging markets throughout the world to find additional recreational opportunities," Godsick said by phone from Malaysia, where the deal was announced Friday. "Look for more announcements on that in the future."

    The rides and attractions will be inspired by Fox films such as "Ice Age" and "Alien," but existing themepark deals for "The Simpsons" will likely preclude that property from inclusion.

    TheWrap spoke with Godsick about what this deal signals for Fox's theme park strategy, how it fits into its larger ambitions in the Asian market and why Pandora won't be making an appearance at Resorts World Genting, expected to reopen with Fox themed attractions in 2016.

    Why is this an opportune time to get into the theme park business?
    For us it's about finding ways to create opportunities for audiences around the world to immerse themselves deeper into our properties.

    It was also about finding the right partner and the right location. Genting is one of the top companies in Malaysia and Resorts World Genting is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. It gets 20 million visitors a year and they're doing additional things to increase that number by adding 10,000 more hotel rooms.

    This location is just spectacular and Malaysia is a growing market.

    Yet we hear so much more about China than we do Malaysia. Is its growth analogous?
    The growth here is just tremendous. Being here and walking around the country's economic centers you're astounded by the amount of construction going on in Kuala Lumpur, and that's always a good indication of growth.

    China is, of course, also growing, but it's so huge that it's somewhat different. We are definitely interested in looking at emerging markets throughout the world to find additional recreational opportunities. Look for more announcements on that in the future.

    So do you see this as being part of a larger strategy when it comes to exploiting the Asian market?
    Absolutely. Asia in general has been such a strong growth market for our brands. Our films and TV shows have done extremely well here and this is certainly part of that. They have such an awareness in Asia and this is just a chance to take them to the next level.

    How involved will Fox be in the creation and day-to-day operations of the park?
    We will be intimately involved in the creation of the park, but the operation is Genting's responsibility. We will be involved creatively in every single part of the creation of the park, and its themed areas. We'll be working hand in hand with Genting on designing a master plan for the resort and on every aspect of its attractions.

    How will Fox be compensated? Will you get a stake in the profits or do you receive a one-time fee?
    It is a licensing deal, but we will all share in its success and profits. They are financing all of the construction and putting up the funding. We are receiving a fee and a royalty structure. We look at our investment as bringing the [intellectual property] that we spend millions of dollars a year distributing and marketing around the world to the table.

    When it comes to those films and television shows, which ones do you think may make an appearance at the theme park?
    We're working on the specifics now, but we think that probably between 25 to 30 different brands will be represented in the park.

    Among those, "Ice Age" is an incredibly strong brand in this area of the world and "Rio" is also very strong. There are a number of other animated properties that it would make sense to use and when it comes to live action, we're looking at "Life of Pi" and "The Night at the Museum." We have to see thematically what makes sense and whether a particular movie should inspire a ride or a live show.

    Are there some brands that are associated with Fox that won't be on the table -- I'm thinking of the "X-Men" films and "Star Wars"? Those are controlled by Marvel and Lucasfilm, no?
    Yes. We do not control the licensing on "Star Wars" or Marvel.

    What about Fox properties that are already being used in theme parks, such as "The Simpsons," which has attractions at Universal Studios, and "Avatar," which will have inspire a themed area at Disney's Animal Kingdom?
    Disney has an exclusive deal, so that will impact the use of "Avatar" anywhere in the world. With "The Simpsons" we have the right to talk to other partners, but we've been in business with Universal on two theme parks and in the next couple of weeks we'll be talking about an expansion for "The Simpsons" at Universal.

    We always like to talk to our current partners first, so I think we'll start with exploring other opportunities with Universal before we go elsewhere.

    Do you see this as signaling a shift in how Fox views its theme park business? You have flirted with it before when you briefly operated the Fox Studios Backlot in Sydney over a decade ago, correct?
    Sydney was really more of a brand experience. A backlot tour with a couple of attractions. This is our first full scale theme park with at least 25 separate attractions.

    We do have other rides around the world at other theme parks, but this is really the beginning of a global roll out to key territories of larger scale resorts.

  9. The designers of Universal Studios Singapore will be in charge of it!

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    Wish List: 20th Century Fox theme park

    In 2016, Malaysia will have its very own movie based theme park and this exciting venture between major American film studio 20th Century Fox and Genting Malaysia Berhad has already delivered its first lineup of rides and attractions for the RM400 million park. They are; "Ice Age", "Life Of Pi", "Alien", Predator" and "Night At The Museum".
    So, with 25 movie attractions planned altogether and five already spoken for, there are 20 more slots available and the possibilities are endless! After a grueling session of picking a handful of 20th Century Fox movies which would make for a good theme park addition, we present to you, Cinema Online's 20th Century Fox theme park wish list! Let's see if any of them eventually makes the cut for the studio's first ever theme park.
    Hopefully the big wigs are listening and we'll get to experience some of these rides for real!

    The Simpsons
    The Simpsons Ride at Universal Studios Orlando opened in 2008, and it fast became the park's most popular ride. Come on, 20 plus years and still going strong on TV? Who doesn't love "The Simpsons"? Imagine a fully costume suited Homer Simpson running after Bart shouting his famous catchphrase, "Why you little..!" How cool will it be to have all the other characters on board as well? We're thinking a Krusty the Clown arcade or even Apu's Kwik-E-Mart!

    Family Guy
    If the residents of Springfield don't tickle your fancy, then what about that other obnoxious family in "Family Guy". Apart from regular character appearances by Peter Griffin and his bumbling family at the park, it will be exciting if there was a ride based on little Stewie's plan to doom the world, eh?

    Planet Of The Apes
    Having released seven "Planet Of The Apes" films and with another ape film; "Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes" set for release in 2014, wouldn't it be great to have a section dedicated to the franchise? Especially since Genting Highlands has all the trees and foggy ambience to add to it? Malaysia is after all native to the extant Orangutans, so why not make a "Planet Of The Apes" themed museum or an educational ride to raise social awareness towards the preservation of our fellow apes? If the combo of 'educational' and 'theme park' sounds just wrong to you, then what about a laser tag arena instead?

    Star Wars
    As the pioneer of popular Sci-Fi movies, there is an undying fan base for "Star Wars" all over the world. Imagine a "Star Wars" land in a galaxy far far away, where Jedis and Siths roam about, engaging in lightsaber battle shows. Climb aboard the Millennium Falcon in a 3D Dark Ride experience similar to the "Transformers: The Ride" at Universal Studios Singapore. There is currently a "Star Wars" section dedicated to Legoland in Johor Malaysia and in Walt Disney World, Florida. Yes, we know that the "Star Wars" franchise now belongs to Disney, but there is always a possibility of a joint venture, fingers crossed!

    Die Hard/Assassin's Creed
    In this third person stealth game, we're all for a "Die Hard" or upcoming film, "Assassins's Creed" action game. You can either be Officer John McClane or Desmond Miles as you complete a mission. Imagine a simulated reality gaming experience with motion detectors (similar to playing Nintendo Wii) emphasised with a life-size screen and virtual weapon allowing you to seek and destroy the baddies. Depending on the movie this action attraction goes with, imagine your 'mission' being aided by narration provided by the respective film's leads, Bruce Willis or Michael Fassbender!

    The Maze Runner
    If you have read the trilogy by James Dashner, then you know the upcoming Dystopian flick; "The Maze Runner" is the next big "Hunger Games". Only in this case, it's easier to transfer to a theme park experience as the first book is mainly set in maze, where grisly things await those who want to escape its sinister bends and corners. This could be another laser tag experience set in a high walled maze, or, it could work as one of those interactive 3D Dark Rides. Either way, it's going to be heart stopping!

    How would you like to meet the "X-Men"; Wolverine, Storm, Professor X, Magneto and the rest while visiting the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning as part of your mutant initiation programme? Learn what it's like to try out different super powers in different rooms at the X-Mansion, and before the end of the tour, be sure to catch a glimpse of as many "X-Men" as you can!

    The tragedy of "Titanic" did so well on screen as seen in the 1997 feature that it had to have a 3D re-release in 2012. As a theme park attraction, there could be a replica of the RMS Titanic (not to scale of course) and in the ship itself, visitors could experience a 4D Motion Master which will help reenact the sinking of the ship in front of a large screen, whilst spraying ice cold water to enhance the brevity of the disaster.

    The Day After Tomorrow/Independence Day 1 & 2
    Since Fox has dabbled with two of Roland Emmerich's disaster flicks with another following close, why not let visitors experience what it is like to be on an actual disaster movie set? A city scape with explosions and tidal waves set in a controlled main sound stage environment would be great. If you've been to Stephen Spielberg's Lights! Camera! Action! attraction, then you know how brilliant is it to see movie special effects taking place right before your very eyes!

    Moulin Rouge
    Be prepared to be razzled and dazzled in this live musical show at the Moulin Rouge theatre. Inspired by the movie "Moulin Rouge" this could be a 15-minute show set at regular intervals at the park, featuring live vocalists and dancers to bring the grandeur of the Baz Luhrmann's film and contemporary hits to fans of all ages!

    This quirkly dark yet fun movie could definitely be a hit for all ages if it was turned into an attraction. This cult film prominently features Down Town, a colourful carnival like place where cartoonist Brandon Fraser's mind goes to as he is guided by his comic's naughty monkey character, Monkeybone, when he slips into coma.
    What other movies do you think would make for a great theme park attraction? Who knows, 20th Century Fox might just take your suggestion into consideration!

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