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  1. And here's another shot from November 2, 2015. The construction in the foreground, that's a new mal or a mall extension, Fox is the sandpit in the background:


  2. Update from September 4th, 2015. Still not going vertical:


  3. Any photo updates?

  4. The project was heavily delayed long before the ringgit went down. It's just an excuse, albeit a good one, and it's good to have a more realistic opening date.

  5. Genting Malaysia has pushed back the opening of its 20th Century Fox theme park by a year, setting a 2017 target as the ringgit continues its slump over the past year, a report said.

    More information:

  6. Highlights from the park will include:
    1) More than 25 acres of land, featuring more than 25 rides and attractions from media based rides, thrill rides, dark rides, to children’s rides, and water rides
    2) Rides and attractions based on Twentieth Century Fox blockbuster titles like ICE AGE, RIO, LIFE OF PI, ALIEN, PREDATOR, and NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM (additional film build outs to be announced)
    3) The Dream Parade, featuring a one-of-a-kind, animatronics parade based on all characters and titles represented at the theme park
    4) Retail merchandise and themed food and beverage outlets

  7. Anybody aware which rides are going to be build and who will be the manufacturer for the rides?

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