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  1. Any update on this?

  2. Genting Malaysia Bhd will increase total capital investment in the Genting Integrated Tourism Plan (GITP) from RM5 billion, as announced earlier, to an estimated RM10.38 billion.

    GITP is a major 10-year master plan launched in December 2013 for the redevelopment and transformation of Resorts World Genting, the internationally-acclaimed integrated resort, which is currently being carried out in phases.

    "It will offer an extensive and wide array of new and exciting entertainment options, unique to visitors from across the region," Genting Malaysia said in a filing to Bursa Malaysia today.

    The capital investment under phase one of the GITP would increase from RM4 billion to RM8.11 billion.

    Under this phase, the first-ever world class branded Twentieth Century Fox World theme park would see a substantial increase in investment with more spectacular, thrilling and state-of-the-art rides than previously announced.

    "Total investment in the Twentieth Century Fox World theme park is expected to exceed RM2 billion.

    "With the engagement of some of the best talent in the Hollywood movie-industry to help in the design of the park, this is targeted to become a unique and compelling world-class theme park," it added. – Bernama, February 23, 2016.
    The budget for the upgrading of Genting Highlands has been doubled. The theme park investment alone will now exceed USD 470 million compared to USD 300 million announced previously.

  3. Is that a track for like a flume ride? What ride track is that for? Any guesses? From the picture of the plan that part seems pretty off.

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    New pic

    New pic

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    The awfully low cloud cover of this site is making images difficult to find however some videos made by visitors over the 2016 Holiday celebrations has meant we have some new images.

    Not great quality but if you want to see the "progress" on the site skip to 6:46:00 on the video.
    I really doubt the 2016 opening date looking at the amount of work that has been done thus far.

  6. Anything on this?

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    Picture credit to FayedLee

  8. I believe the frequent raining days hinder the build schedule; also the raising cost of build materials due to depreciation of Malaysia ringgit.

  9. On site progress is so slow, I even doubt the 2017 opening date!

  10. Every time I go to Genting Highlands I feel like I'm in North Korea. These spooky 1960's hotels and run-down, dilapidated casinos... scary! I hope the arrival of Fox World will breathe new life into that godforsaken place!

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