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    Katherine Chew, vice-president of communications and PR at Resorts World Genting, Malaysia, recently spoke to BW Hotelier while on a trip to India. She said that the company expects Indian tourists to make up a large percentage of the resort’s visitors.

    “Indians love shopping, fun and adventure. This family destination will offer an enriching experience for one and all,” she said.

    “Indian tourist will come back to the theme parks and we hope to invite more Indians to the resort. By 2020, we expect 30 million tourist arrivals and India will contribute to this percentage in a huge way.”
    The SkyTropolis Indoor Theme Park is also set to open alongside 20th Century Fox World at the resort.
    Source: Blooloop

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  3. About Titanic being in phase 2, I'm not too sure about it in my opinion, as it seems that they're already building a garden in that spot in previous photos uploaded.

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    After Genting have invested more money , basically the master plan have changed and improved quite a lot from the concept art

  5. I thought it was just scrapped for phase 1? Will it not be in phase 2?

  6. The concept art is not a reference yet. On the concept art, titanic is there too. But now, we can see that it was removed from the final plan.

  7. In the concept art, the roof of the Arena of Stars was painted white, so hopefully they will.

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