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  1. A sneak peek of the state of the art SFX coaster interior, coming in 2026??

  2. Quote Originally Posted by TheneParkGuy View Post
    No manufacturer wants to touch SFX Coaster at Genting Skyworlds because Dynamic absolutely destroyed themselves over these things.

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  4. It even says on the app that Mad Ramp Peak is “coming soon” (it was changed from “Future Attraction” a while ago).

  5. I have already been told by the Genting park manager that the white steel is actually not for any future attractions or rides but rather it is a development in the Central Park area, they are currently in the process of installing the roof. So I can conclude that the construction in the track area is apparently corrugated iron for the installation of the roof it has nothing to do with the SFX Coaster and the park has not made any updates to the attraction they just cleaned the track because it looks shabby and there are no plans to continue the project. And the new information from the park is also not in the plans for the Wings Over Rio attraction in the next 10 years, it is because of the complexity of Disney refusing to approve the attraction and the empty building will remain without rides.

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    Latest pic of Mad Ramp Peak ride
    Whe it will be open ?

  7. Update some white steel structures and supports have arrived at the park's outer site, if it looks like an intamin track? kinda weird if this is for a SFX Coaster project or maybe for the Wings Over Rio attraction? Anyone have more accurate info on this?


  8. Latest pic of Mad Ramp Peak ride

  9. All the orange tracks have been cleared, don't know if they are actually going ahead with the project as construction work has already started on the black track area outside the park.

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  10. Quote Originally Posted by Guest View Post
    I found some 3D versions of SFX coaster layouts and it looks like it's not the SFX coaster layout in Genting SkyWorlds but it's interesting to see.

    Looking at the layout of the first picture, this is in terms of the animation of the vehicle design as if it were a sfx coaster at Genting Skyworlds.

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