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  2. I suppose this is the Ice Age Mountain ?

  3. That's the entrance, by the way:

  4. In dollar terms: that's US$440 million instead of US$220 million for the Fox park

  5. Genting has increased the budget for its Genting Integrated Tourism Plan (GITP) from RM5 billion to RM10.4 billion. Fox World alone is budgeted to be more than RM2 billion from the originally planned RM1 billion. It is for more enhancement to the rides.

  6. Picture taken on 23 Dec 2016

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    Someone posted this image this week. Trying to verify the age of the image but seems to match the most recent other images we have. It's not looking good for progress...


  8. Latest insider information is that Genting and Fox are falling out big time. Fox estimates that an attraction with their IP theming is going to cost somewhere in the region of US$ 200 million whilst Genting's budget is US$ 20 million.

    Hence the slow or no progress being made at the resort.

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