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  1. Is Mad Ramp Peak coaster ever opening? Everywhere just says 2023 still, heading to the park in January and was sure I’d get to ride it but seems unlikely now.

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    Fun fact: Andromeda Base retains about 90% of the original theming. AvP related IP was either destroyed, modified or covered over. Right where this video is taken, the oculus remains behind the tunnel, almost as it was intended, but where was this?


  3. Update on the interior of the SFX Coaster which is still pending from the park workers.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Guest View Post
    The first picture shows the wheels on the Dual Powered Coaster and maybe the second picture is the layout of the SFX Coaster ride also looks like the shape of the ride.

  5. The question here is that the Dynamic company was taken over by the Hong Kong side, but why did they sell some of those assets? instead they have to send to the Genting company. if they have already auctioned it this means the SFX Coaster at Genting Skyworld has no connection

  6. The building space that should be the attraction of Wings Over Rio is now still quiet and empty.

  7. Parkineer on Twitter bought some wheels belonging to the SFX Coaster and got confirmation it's from the Genting SkyWorlds theme park

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