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  1. Rumor has it that the Mad Ramp Peak rollercoaster will open this June according to park people.

  2. Looking at this video, there are still a lot of SFX Coaster tracks that haven't been installed yet.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Guest View Post
    I think we won’t expect the dark coaster until 2026
    As noted below Dynamic Attractions has gone into some sort of financial re-structuring, so the SFX coaster won’t be ready to open so soon. But I’m hopeful it will open sometime, Genting has spent too much money on it to not let it open.

  4. I think we won’t expect the dark coaster until 2026

  5. A Twitter user has shared an interesting photo of one of the designs of the SFX Coaster ride and also elements of the falling track and the turntable. He is an employee at the park.

    According to him Resorts World Genting will still continue their SFX Coaster project.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guest View Post
    Something new is coming?
    No, the ride is undergoing maintenance

  7. Something new is coming?

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    “The outlook for DAL in Malaysia isn't as rosy.

    Originally scheduled to open in 2016, 20th Century Fox World was held up after Disney announced its $71.3 billion purchase of the film and television assets held by 21st Century Fox in December 2017. Even though the park was already deep into development by the time of the takeover, Disney wanted to pull its intellectual property but eventually settled with the operator, gaming giant Genting. The park's name was changed to Genting SkyWorlds and it eventually opened in February 2022 without a number of its attractions, including the two SFX Coasters. It wasn't for want of trying.

    The first of the rides is themed to the Aliens vs Predators (AVP) action movie and DAL committed to building the coaster system for a lump sum of $34 million. Recent filings by DAL reveal that it has already spent $26.4 million on the ride and "has only been paid $24,000,000." The filings add that "AVP Malaysia is not operational and would take a significant further expenditure of funds to be completed...The $10,000,000 of funds remaining to be paid by Genting on the contract would not cover those costs which are estimated to be $16,000,000. Because of the complexity of the ride system, and the design changes that would be required to make it operational, there is a risk that the client could cancel the contract and demand that the ride components installed to date be removed from the facility.

    The outlook is brighter for the second SFX Coaster at SkyWorlds which is based on the Sons of Anarchy (SOA) series about a father who balances parenting with his involvement in a motorcycle gang. DAL committed to building the coaster system for $24 million and according to the filings "the client has paid $23,000,000." They add that "SOA Malaysia is about 95% complete with a punch-list of work to get it operational and it is estimated that such work could cost an additional $1,500,000." That sounds pretty close to the budget but it's actually far from it as DAL has already spent $30.7 million on building the attraction.

    It brings the average price of these three coasters to $34.3 million with AVP being the most expensive at $42.4 million. It is worth stressing that these sums just relate to the mechanisms underlying the attractions as DAL's contracts tend to be for the ride systems only. The park operator then hires other suppliers to provide the theming and audio visual equipment.“


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    Freedom Shop @ Eagle Mountain, photos were taken on (Sunday) 19th March 2023. It appears the gift exiting Mad Ramp Peak - Full Throttle Racing is nowhere near ready yet:

    On a side note, I managed to spot the "Genting" building on Independence Day: Defiance during my recent ride:

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    Hellboy possibly replacing Alien vs. Predator for SFX coaster?


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