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  1. More photos ;

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    Souvenir shop Planet of the Apes

    Source :

  2. Souvenir shop Planet of the Apes

    Source :

  3. Self service ticketing outside the main gate entrance

  4. There's a single rider signage for terraform tower challenge ride.

  5. The Alpha Fighter Pilots rides already look dirty, hope they clean it up.

  6. Alpha Space:

    The Acorn Adventure rollercoaster is tested again:

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  8. I have some new info from the employees there they say the installation of the SFX coaster track has now reached 50% and the cabin has not been installed yet he also said the attraction theme is still a secret. The contractor for the SFX coaster project is from Equipment Sdn. Bhd. This means there are still some tracks outside the theme park since 2019. The worker said there is another attraction that is under construction which is in the basement of the Rio area.

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    Full official images are being added to the Genting SkyWorlds website:

    I'm only posting these two because they're the best but as more images are added such as for Invasion of the Planet of the Apes I'll post them as well.


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