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  1. syabil is offline New User
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    Dec 2021

    Advance to 0:50, it looks like the SFX Coaster door is open? Or am I mistaken?

  2. Advance to 0:50 as it looks like the SFX Coaster door is open. Or am I mistaken?

  3. Michael is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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  4. I have a question: where is the Titanic? Does someone know?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Guest View Post
    Why is there so much Chinese signage in this theme park?
    I guess prior to the pandemic they were aiming to attract the tourists from China…

  6. I emailed and asked them about the opening date, but they just said that they are unable to announce the opening date.

  7. I see on Google that the opening date of this theme park is 10 December 2021. Is this date true? Google has leaked the opening date, right? Does anyone know the real opening?

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