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  1. croods is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    Jan 2018

  2. They probably seek Universal Studios for assistance and stick to the previous name ‘Genting Outdoor Theme Park’

  3. I Guess soft opening during June with all the children ride available. The main attractions will take abut longer times as they needs to clear the fire and safety.

  4. Maybe June 2019

  5. Kassa1122 is offline New User
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    Jan 2019
    When its gonna open ?

  6. I don't think anybody was unaware

  7. It's no more Fox World btw for your info. Genting Berhad will still carry on with the theme park but not sure what the theme is gonna be yet.

  8. Mello is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    In terms of?? Mine sharing ?

  9. A few words from someone who has been working on-site at Fox World:

    This is the worst managed project ever, and I have seen a lot of bad projects!!

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