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  2. Check out my video for the update around 20th century fox world

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  4. Greg is out...but that really isn't a bad thing. His background wasn't in parks. Maybe Fox can get a parks person to come in and support the brands. Maybe.

  5. Twentieth Century Fox World Planning to Dazzle with Fox Film and TV Brands

    Eventually, at least 25 attractions will open at the $300 million-plus park, and Lombardo also notes it’s grown from an originally announced 25 acres to 33 acres. He says Genting has been “great” about opening new acreage for the park, and reveals some of the dark rides will even be at least partially underground to provide more space.
    The park will feature a broad attraction mix, including media-based attractions, dark rides, thrill rides, water rides, and live spectaculars. Fox has already announced that rides and attractions will be based on Twentieth Century Fox properties “Ice Age,” “Rio,” “Alien vs. Predator,” “Planet of the Apes,” and “Night at the Museum.” Lombardo discloses that additional Fox IPs will definitely be represented by attractions, but those cannot be announced yet: “We’re taking the approach in which there’s some unique IP within the parks and created some attractions related to film and television IP.” The park will feature entertainment titles from television as well as film, Lombardo says.

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