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페라리 월드 대한민국
15 Dec 2011
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South Korea
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    Seriously?! Ferrari World Korea, here!?

  3. Terrible online translation but I think I get what's being said:
    1.6 trillion Korean won investment, to be built in Paju city, involving a bank, LG Electronic and money from the Middle East. Opening scheduled for 2016. Correct?

    3,720,000 pajueup one won ㎡ site in Paju import automotive theme park 'Ferrari World' is promoting the construction of private capital, 1.6 trillion won to Lee, In - Jae (53), Paju City chapter 9, "tourists to 10 million people era one to see and enjoy did not do anything, "said he said," Now you should change the framework of tourism, or pushing a massage or receiving Paju City with respect to the day, a special purpose company (SPC) established to pursue the construction of Ferrari World, the Industrial Bank and National Bank, Hyosung, LG Electronic have a meeting with rich and securities business in earnest embarked. The state has already expressed its intention to invest 20 billion won from the Middle East-based businesses. Paju City, the end of February, and established the SPC began in October, 2016 the opening goal has been the market "longer simply playing to enjoy theme park can attract tourists," said Ferrari World is more than 40 cultural and exhibition facilities.

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    Ferrari World near Seoul? Posted on 22 December 2011:

    Ferrari S.p.A. is looking to build an ultra-large theme park near Seoul as part of its tourism-inspired promotion drive, officials here said Thursday.

    Senior officials of the city of Paju, about 50 kilometers northwest of Seoul, said they have begun talks with the Italian company over the development of the amusement park dedicated to racing cars, similar to Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi.
    “Paju must be the perfect place to host the Ferrari World given its heavy population, high-quality labors and convenient location close to Seoul and airports,” Paju Mayor Lee In-jae said in a statement.

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    Ferrari World Korea

    Status: announced

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