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페라리 월드 대한민국
15 Dec 2011
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South Korea
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  1. Bevy is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    Feb 2015
    Ferrari World Korea is not going to happen until 2017.

    The Paju city’s government announced in 2011 it would build the Ferrari-themed amusement park “Ferrari World” at Baekseok-ri, a location near the railway Wollong Station on the Gyeongui Line, in the city in Gyeonggi province.
    But crusty regulation concerning the Seoul metropolitan area and military facility protection and failure to attract investment at home and abroad have suspended progress in the project....
    Got this information from old news but it is still pretty interesting.


  2. FWK
    FWK is offline Newbie
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    Sep 2013

    Ferrari World Korea layout/artwork. Appears to be mainly outdoors, as opposed to its Emirati brother. Intamin Formula Rossa clone is visible, not sure if the other one is a Maurer coaster.

  3. robotland is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    Aug 2013

  4. Ferrari World Korea is going to happen, albeit it will be very different from the original in Abu Dhabi!

  5. Me too. Plus, Seoul already has a good couple of theme parks!

  6. amusementparks is offline Senior Park Investigator
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    Apr 2013
    I doubt this will happen because Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is not even pulling a good number of people

  7. thethemeparkguy is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    Feb 2012
    You know the tragic story is that in the event of war, really nice guys like the one in the picture will be running towards the south on a suicide mission in the name of a sacred crusade to protect their obnoxious clan leader, and nothing else.

  8. Well, thank the lord our friend The Theme Park Guy wanders about the North and keeps Kim Jong-Un in check:


    And when you’re your own country you do things like post a four-minute-long video titled "A Short, Three-Day War," that purportedly shows what would happen if you invaded South Korea. Total victory, natch. In this case, that includes the annihilation of American forces in the Pacific, occupying Seoul and taking 150,000 American hostages

  10. Memorandum of Understanding signed, here is what this (not) entails:

    Al Ahli Group is a UAE company, owned and operated by Emiratis:

    The Arab guy on the picture is probably Executive Director Salem Khammas:

    The Western guy is Claus Frimad, former GM of Ferrari World and SVP of ProFun:

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